Name badge inspiration

Luis Manjarrez
Aug 31, 2018 · 2 min read

People sometimes ask about cool ideas for their badges, they want to know about trends or simply need some inspiration to design their event’s name badges.

Truth be told, it’s a little difficult to explain a design concept over email or a phone call, it’s also not scalable.

We started thinking of a way were customers could get a quick inspiration fix, without complications. We also “realized” we have access to a huge amount of designs submitted by our creative customers. So we embarked on a name badge inspiration project in a Pinterest-grid-like page.

The page is filled with +50 badge ideas for both 3"x4" and 6"x4" badges. There’s also a color filter. So if your brand has one dominant color, click on the appropriate filter and get instant inspiration!

Name badge inspiration galore!

If you’re more a Pinterest kinda person you can find all the badges in our name badge inspiration board too.

Also, you can pin the badges directly from our website in your own Pinterest boards! They all have a save button in the upper left corner, just hover your mouse over a badge and you’ll see it.

Pinterest save button on the badges

As I said, there are over 50 ideas at the moment, but we won’t stop there, we will be updating this page every month. We want it to be the number one stop for name badge inspiration!

We’re also open to submissions! Just send us an email ( with your design and you might see it online the next time you visit the page.

Happy badge making!

Conference Badge

Name badges. Easy and fast.

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