New partnership with Dryfta!

Luis Manjarrez
May 24, 2018 · 2 min read

We have good news today, we’re announcing a new partnership with our friends at Dryfta!

The have a great product, it is an all-in-one event management software for universities & non-profits to manage every aspect of an event from one dashboard.

Inside their dashboard you can create a customized file than can then be easily uploaded to Conference Badge to create beautiful name badges that you can print at home or have us print and ship right to your doorstep.

Dryfta users have preferential pricing, look for the promo code in your dashboard.

Here’s how to get the badges done:

1. Go to Dryfta’s dashboard and click on Badge builder.

2. Select the info fields you want to include in your badge design.

You can create different badge designs for different badge types (attendees, speakers, vips, etc)

3. Export the CSV file with your attendees data.

4.Go to and create a new event by clicking New Event from Excel.

5. Upload the file and continue to design and print beautiful badges.

Conference Badge

Name badges. Easy and fast.

Luis Manjarrez

Written by

Conference Badge

Name badges. Easy and fast.

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