Social responsibility

Luis Manjarrez
Aug 24, 2018 · 3 min read

Part of my job is to constantly look for ways to make the company better. This can encompass rendering a process more efficient, looking for more competitive suppliers, improving our user’s experience, etc.

All of the above have the objective of incrementing our profit, this is the common denominator of every business. But we believe there’s more to making a company better than generating dollars.

I’m talking about social responsibility . More specifically I’m referring to the welfare of our local society and the environment.


In a world where everything is made to be disposed as fast as possible to generate more demand, waste is becoming a serious problem. We are aware that our badge holders might not be the most ecological way to identify a person in a conference, but it’s still the most effective and practical way to do so.

Therefore, to mitigate the effect of our business on the environment we have decided to implement a recycle and reuse program. It’s been active for around a month, it’s open to all of our customers and it’s easy to be a part of.

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Recycling steps

The idea is for people to mail us back (free of charge) their badges and lanyards in the box they came with. Once we receive them we will unassemble them, sort them out based on the state they are in and reuse the holders and lanyards that are in good shape. The paper will be recycled and the remaining plastic holders, which are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or vinyl as it’s commonly know will be sent to a company that specializes in recycling PVC material.

We know that a big reason why people don’t recycle more often is due to the burden of the process. Our program seeks to make it as easy as possible. Here’s how we imagine you can do it:

  • Put a recycling bin for badges at the exit of your event.
  • Put all the badges in the box they came in.
  • Print the prepaid return label.
  • Go to one of the thousands of drop-off Fedex points, we’re sure there’s one near you.

Tip: Another thing you can do, something some our customer already started doing is to order only the printed inserts and reuse the badge holders of previous events. By doing so you help reduce waste and save money!

Local social welfare

Since the beginning of our operation, we’ve been working with Groupe TAQ, our most important partner, they handle the fulfillment of all our orders.

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Assembling team

Since their conception in 1979 Groupe TAQ has had the mission to integrate people with different abilities to their workforce. This is quite an admirable feat.

Their goal is to offer permanent, stable, quality jobs to people with all kinds of disabilities, whether it’s physical, intellectual, psychological or a combination of these. Their team is made of 285 people, where 70% live with some degree of disability.

Working with a company like this has many benefits, not only do we get great results, professional service and fair pricing, but we too contribute to the creation of more inclusive jobs.

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Master badge printer

People with different abilities always struggle to find stable and secure jobs, they’re often badly payed and marginalized, but not with our partner. There, people are accepted for their own capabilities not their limitations.

So next time you buy a badge from us, remember we’re always trying to be a better company.

Groupe TAQ is currently working on raising funds to launch a collective cafeteria for the employees. They want to be able to offer low-priced nutritious meals. If you‘re interested in helping, donate to their cause.

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