Found in the mailroom

This piece of awesomeness was sitting on the copy machine this morning at my office, left conspicuously where everyone that comes into the mailroom would see.

“Ten unmistakeable signs of a bad place to work.” Talk about shouting what you think of your coworkers and boss right in their faces. It’s hillarious. And not surprising at all, given the people I work with.

Could there be some reasonable explanations for it? Ummmmmm… sure. Why not. Let’s see, leading a workshop where you teach perspective interns or employees what they should look for in a place to work. Or you just want to give your boss a big F-U as clear as you can. Both are legitimate reasons for that being on the printer.

What are the signs you work in a sh*ithole, in case you’re unsure by gut feeling? Let’s take a look at what the article over on Forbes advises are indicators of working in a bad place:

1. They don’t allow moonlighting (aka outside jobs)
2. They won’t write a reference for you when you leave.
3. Progressive Discipline policies that line out the punishments employees will receive for a first infraction, second infraction, etc. are holdovers from the Industrial Revolution and have no place in the Knowledge Economy we are working in now.
4. Any company that wants to take money out of your paycheck (for a piece of equipment that breaks while you’re using it, e.g.) is not a place you want to work for.
5. The company dictates the hours you must work for salaried employees that don’t get overtime.
6. In bad companies, managers control their employees’ internal transfer and promotion opportunities.
7. Run away from any company that surrounds you with yardsticks and measurements.
8. If the only kinds of time off your prospective employer offers are vacation time, sick time and holidays, keep job-hunting!
9. They rank and evaluate people based on their title and pay grade.
10. If they leave you waiting for weeks between each contact, give you endless tests and assignments and behave as though they are members of the royal family and you are a piece of dirt under their feet, don’t stick around!

This list pretty much eliminates all jobs, in my experience. I have personally found there’s no getting around some of the above and they have been great places to work, like being expected to work “8am-5pm, no matter what” is pretty standard and not a reason to not take a job. Many other places don’t want creative types working on the side at all. Overall, this list isn’t that helpful. I’ll write up my own soon, just for you. Oh, and it’s going to actually be helpful (and entertaining), don’t you worry. ;)