Getting Started — Yeppeun

Time to learn a new stack. Completed the Scala course on Coursera. Now doing the Principles of Reactive Programming course on Coursera. But need something to practice my budding Scala skills on so decided to learn Play at the same time. Now need a project to work on. Not very creative but decided to do a web/phone app for my kids (teens and into fashion). Something along the lines of “which of these dresses do you prefer”. Been done before, but hey it’s just for fun.

My wife is Korean — my kids are half Korean so to keep things a bit under the hood I’ve named the project Yeppeun which is Korean for “Pretty, beautiful, nice looking”.예쁜. (No I don’t speak Korean!). Also kind of a play on the words, yep, that’s a good-un. No? Ok, never mind. At least I don’t get any conflicts on my Github or Heroku projects!

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