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SCP-6542 in Photos

Photo by Anita Jankovic on Unsplash

SCF Discord Discussion

Snippets from discussion about the SCP-6542 drama in the Society for Containment Fiction Discord:

SCP Wiki Discussion

Selected comments from the article’s discussion page. Edited comments are revived and captured as they were at posting (most have been exchanged with apologies). Simple shill comments have been omitted and are collapsed into the following representative comment:

“lol milk +1”

Glad to see that the article has been properly attributed to all the authors:

Ouch, that’s gonna hurt the ol’ .au upvote averages. That’ll learn ya, guys! Source.

Looks like some real good search results are happening out there too: 😉

Wait that’s not the Yurtworks podcast…

And lastly, it’s nice to see how engaging discussions like this can make their way around the wiki and lastingly improve people’s ideas for the better:

Sources: 1, 2



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