A Controversial Medical Experiment

Last week I decided to post a question on a popular dental Facebook group.

In non-dental terms, I asked how I would fix this tooth. (The green background is a rubber-sheet we use in dentistry to isolate the teeth).

Surprisingly, the post generated significant discussion about what was the best way to restore the tooth.

However, little did they know, this tooth was completely 3D generated.

Some users did question whether the tooth was photoshopped. Others appeared somewhat offended — “Its not a real photo!!” [Angry dentist]

But why should it matter? Traditional textbooks utilize drawings — yes drawings, to describe clinical procedures . And CT scans we utilize as a diagnostic tool are just 3D patient renderings — are they technically real?

Finally we can utilize 3D technologies to create clinical scenarios before they are ever encountered. We don’t need to rely on the traditional method of taking photos of patient cases when they present and then treating them without real experience of that specific case.

The future of clinical training is creating challenging cases virtually so that doctors, dentists, healthcare professionals, can really learn the best practices before the patient ever steps foot in the door.

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