What Will the Future Bring?

There are many trends that drive what will happen in the future. But of course it is impossible to determine what exactly will come to the pass. Our research indicates that some of the major trends that will drive the future are as follows:


• People will live and work longer.

• Increase in youth bulges focused in the developing world where there are the greatest resource challenges.

• Increase in the gender imbalance in China as males are unable to find marriage partners.


• Increase in the vulnerable of food security and the globalized food market.

• Increase in the connectivity of people means that second- and third-order impacts of events will be felt well beyond their point of origin.

• Increase in the number of disenfranchised groups.

Economic Center of Gravity Shift

• Increase in the middle-class in China and India.

• Increase in consumer demand.

• Increase in the importance of the protection of intellectual property.

Changing Balance of Power

• Overall, there will likely be a rise of the power of the individual and a decrease in the power of the state.

• Increase in the relative power of Turkey, and Asia.

• Increase in U.S. energy independence could increase connections between the Middle East and East.

Industrial Growth

Increasing demand on finite resources and reserves which in turn could lead to protectionist measures.

• Water distribution will impact growing seasons, crops, yields and distribution.

• Sea levels will rise and weather extremes will increase in intensity and frequency.

• The hardest hit areas are likely to be some of the most populous.


Geo-engineering will be a source of tension.

• “Big Knowledge” will grow as the collection, analysis and interpretation of data gathered from numerous sources becomes easier.

• Advances in robotics, automation and manufacturing will challenge our current perception of the human’s role in the workplace (e.g., jobs will be harder to find).

Changing Relationships

Nationalism will decrease and individualism will increase.

• Governmental transparency will increase, secrecy, including personal secrecy, will be almost non-existent.

• Technological advancements will not be available to all.


Rise of the individual and their disconnection from traditional governing structures will mean the State will be of less relevance.

• Criminality will increase and become more sophisticated and internationalized.

• The number of autocratic regimes will decrease and number of democracies will increase.