Re: Subway Maps for Security

Timeless Design

  1. Connectedness — The design does a superb job of representing interconnectedness (between subway stations). It shows the spatial connection over physical distance, as well as the temporal progression from the traveling passenger’s point of view.
  2. Separation of Intentions — City planners arrange each subway line with different intention in mind (e.g. outer loop vs. central). The subway map partitions these intentions into color-coded segments that are easy to navigate and follow.
  3. Help Decisions with Abstraction — At the end of the day, a subway map exists to help passengers make quick decisions. The design abstracts away the complexity of the real world into visual components that are readily accessible and consumable by the passengers.

Graph Revisited

Connected Over Time and Space

spatial and temporal connections of an attack
Confluera Internal Research — an anatomy of advanced attack distributed over long period of time and space

Partitioned By Intentions

Different Intentions in a Particular System, in constant flux
  • Bounded search — the amount of information for analysis is bounded within a single intention. This allows for deeper and intensive forensics.
  • Surgical Response — the corrective action and response can be highly surgical down to a single intention.

Stream Processing and Real-Time Decisions

Can Contextual Graph be Accessed During Stream Processing?
  • Is current event spawned from legitimate package manager?
  • Prior to this event, is there a built up of suspicion activity carried forward?
  • What are the siblings of current event? Are they suspicious?




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