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2020 Year-in-Review

A look back at all the highlights from 2020.

Building Conflux

  • Github — We finished 699 pull requests and solved 324 questions, and our network went through 66 iterations including the testnets.
  • Our Economic White Paper — was published (link)
  • ConfluxScan — 3 upgrades of ConfluxScan took place last year: Contract registration and sponsor faucet functions were added, The search data input format and the DAG plan were optimized, and Token-related bug fixes were implemented. These included an adjustment to the former visual interaction design a series of data fields like block reward and contract admin were added, and the stability and response speed of ConfluxScan were improved.
  • ConfluxPortal — 6 upgrades of ConfluxPortal took place last year. The login registration logic, full-node version and chainId have been updated, the function of paying for others added, and the advanced setting UIs and bilingual introductions for functions like paying for others, gas fees, and storage and staking fees optimized.
  • ShuttleFlow — ShuttleFlow official website went live, which supports the cross-chain transfer of mainstream BTC and ERC20 assets, and provides MoonDEX and MoonSwap with cross-chain technologies. The account audits monitoring service and the alliance management console were put in place have been put to use, and the withdrawal function has been optimized, which greatly shortens the remittance arrival time.
  • Governance — The staking and governance tools, Stampers and Governance were launched, which support staking, locked position and voting for governance proposals.
  • MoonDEX — MoonDEX went live, supporting BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, CFX/USDT and FC/USDT trading. The account audits monitoring service, the FC price limiting rules and the administrator console were launched, and; the storing and staking mechanisms were optimized, which cuts the operation cost; the open source of Conflux Java SDK was implemented.

Ecosystem Growth

  • The Conflux Ecosystem Grant Program launched and received 128 project applications — 34 projects including Tspace, Token-Bank and Whoops were passed, 18 have successfully launched, and 22 are still ongoing. Nearly 2.5 million FC, over 850,000 CFX and 2.4 million USDT have been awarded.
  • 3 new members including Dappbirds and Bitpie were introduced to the Cross-Chain Custodian Alliance formed by ShuttleFlow along with 49 types of cross-chain assets, bringing the amount of the introduced assets to $12 million.
  • MoonSwap completed the world’s first cross-chain asset transfer on Sep. 24, 2020, with transferred assets totaling $7.6 million USDT.
  • Since the launch of MoonDEX, more than 2.3 million transactions have been completed on MoonDex.
  • Conflux hosted its first virtual hackathon, Hacking Decentralized Commerce, in collaboration with Gitcoin, Chainlink and Aave. Interest Prize Dollar, Fluxgift took home the top prizes at the hackathon.
  • Conflux Pioneer Initiative (CPI) contract has been available in support of FC voting activities; sponsor faucet has been upgraded twice and now supports large-sum sponsorship; FC/CFX exchange and staking governance contracts were launched.
  • We received support from 6 wallets — DappBirds, Cobo Wallet, Hashkey Hub, MoonSwap Wallet, Hashkey Hub, and Hashkey Me, and 2 cold wallets — Ballet and Cobo..
  • We also received support from 2 cold wallets, Ballet and Cobo.


  • The Open DeFi Alliance was established, which was initiated by Conflux, Sequoia Capital, Blockpower Capital, dForce, DeBank, MCDEX and MoonSwap. Our list of partners continues to grow including global members Aave, Ocean Protocol, dYdX, SuperRare, and more.
  • New partnerships include: Chainlink, Fliqpay, Quidax, 352ng, Stablecorp, Fetch, BCW, ZIP, LISSX, Commons Stack, Razor Network.

Community & Events

  • In 2020, Conflux hosted/attended 30+ offline activities including the National Standards & Forum Group Standards Compilation Conference, the 2020 Blockchain and Digital Economy Development Forum, and the Web3 Conference, as well as 50+ online activities like the Blockchain “Vitality” Online Summit held by Odaily, the Golden Relativity activity held by, and the reward-giving name-collection activity.
  • We sponsored 4 monthly meetups with speakers from Maker DAO, Celo, Binance, Pgnme, MCDEX, Alkemi, The Graph, Chainlink, Somnium Space, The Sandbox.
  • We exceeded 20,000 Twitter followers, 6,500 Telegram members, over 3,000 Discord members, and 500+ followers or subscribers on Medium and YouTube respectively. We have also been active on over 25 global platforms like Weibo, Bilibili and TikTok
  • Our Conflux Vietnamese community has become one of the first three largest public blockchain communities in the country, and the member number of the Russian community has surpassed 550. The Turkish community was established, and two membered joined the KOL Alliance in the Korean community, which were DDengle and Coinness Korea.
  • Our first Ambassadors Program has generated over 100 applications from all over the world. The program has helped to kick-start our Latin American community. Our LATAM Telegram community has grown to almost 200 members in one month.
  • We launched the developer mission program to drive more engagement within our developer community on Discord.
  • We kicked off a global marketing initiative to help introduce Western partners to our Chinese community through organized project support.


  • Bolian Finance “Blockchain Project With the Strongest Technological Capability” and “Pioneer Figure on Blockchain” awarded to ConFi
  • Ear Finance “Most Investment-Worthy Project in 2020”
  • “Most Technologically Innovative Public Blockchain of the Year 2020”
  • “Influential Blockchain Technology of the Year”
  • “Most Influential Public Blockchain Brand 2020”
  • DeepChain “DeepChain Most Influential Public Blockchain of the Year 2020”
  • Cointelegraph China “2020 Most Influential Figures in Blockchain Industry TOP 100”
  • “Most Influential Public Blockchain of the Year”, “Most Influential Brand in 2020”
  • Odaily: “Public Blockchain Project of the Year” and “Blockchain Project Most Popular With the Community”; “Prominent Practitioners in the Industry Born in the 90s” awarded to Chenxing Li.

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