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Become a Token Captain with ShuttleFlow: The Next Frontier of DeFi

What is a Token Captain?

To support more cross-chain assets between Ethereum and Conflux, ShuttleFlow has launched the Token Captain initiative. Everyone can support any cross-chain tokens on Ethereum and Conflux by becoming a Token Captain, to reap the rewards of supporting their favorite token. However, there is only one Token Captain for each token, though new Token Captains can emerge to rule their favorite tokens.

How does it work?

A Token Captain needs to collateralize a portion of cETH, used to deduct the actual cost of their cross chain transaction.

Becoming a Token Captain

1. Go to ShuttleFlow (note: there are English and Chinese versions of this site), Click Become a Captain in the upper right.

Have Fun!

About Conflux Network

The only state endorsed public, permissionless blockchain project in China, Conflux Network is an open-source, layer-1 blockchain protocol delivering heightened scalability, security, and extensibility for the next generation of open commerce, decentralized applications, financial services, and Web 3.0. Conflux Network is overseen by a global team of world-class engineers and innovative computer scientists, led by Turing Award recipient Dr. Andrew Yao. Fostering entrepreneurship and innovation, Conflux elevates startups and organizations across industries and continents to generate decentralized marketplaces and digital assets for meaningful business and social impact. Founded in 2018, Conflux has raised $35 million in capital from prominent investors including Sequoia China, Metastable, Baidu Ventures, F2Pool, Huobi, IMO Ventures, and the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission.



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Conflux Network

Conflux is a PoW + PoS hybrid first layer consensus blockchain for dApps that require speed at scale, without sacrificing decentralization.