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Bi-Weekly Progress Report: April 20— May 10, 2020

Summarizing our latest progress and activities on the Conflux Network.

Technical Development

  • Conflux Mainnet — First phase launched and running steadily.
  • Bug fixes and new features added to the backend of ConfluxScan. This includes support for ERC-20 and ERC-777 contracts, as well as, users can now view their token transfers on ConfluxScan.
  • A new version of go-conflux-sdk was published. Developers can use it to interact with the Conflux Network through a Golang API. Users can easily manage accounts, send transactions, deploy and invoke a contracts, as well as, extract information from Conflux Network.
  • ConfluxPortal v0.1.8 was released, including support for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

DEX Ecosystem

  • Conflux DEX infrastructure optimized the E2E testing framework. Additional integration testing and stress testing are currently being processed.
  • Accounting procedures of ShuttleFlow, MatchFlow and BoomFlow protocols were optimized. The accounting logics of on-chain, off-chain, cross-chain, and DEX assets were upgraded. The sensitivity level of the DEX alert reached epoch granularity.

Economic Model

  • Two analysis articles of the Conflux economic model draft have been released. The first article dives into the economic models of well-known public chains and the second article provides information about the pre-mined Conflux tokens.

Online Activity

  • Conflux Network has participated in numerous online AMAs hosted by local communities in China (Jinse Finance), Korea (Sidong 식스동 코인 바로알기) and Africa (Blockchain Nigeria). The AMA with the Blockchain Nigeria community was Conflux’s first online community collaboration in the African market.
  • Conflux Network has released two new DeFi-Webinar livestreams (on April 29th and May 7th). The webinars included many guests from our industry partners such as Odaily and The Force Protocol.
  • Conflux Network’s Pioneer Initiative is still ongoing across China, Korea and Vietnam.

Community Product

  • ConfluxScan released v1.0.0; optimized some features related to the contract and token.
  • ConfluxPortal released v0.1.8; fixed Firefox e2e test, removed unused sinon sandboxes and implemented encrypt/decrypt feature.
  • Bounty fixed some bugs.

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Conflux Network

Conflux Network


Conflux is a PoW + PoS hybrid first layer consensus blockchain for dApps that require speed at scale, without sacrificing decentralization.