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Bi-Weekly Progress Report: August 17— August 30, 2020

Summarizing Conflux Network’s latest progress and activities.

  • go-sdk fix a compile bug on IOS.
  • conflux-rust tx pool debug rpc.
  • Added optional address parameters to ease the debug progress.
  • Developed decentralized tool to add new ERC20 assets in Shuttleflow.
  • Supported CFX asset in DEX.
  • Developed DEX admin management tool.
  • Optimized transaction confirmation process in DEX.
  • Increased daily limit of FC to 2%.
  • Added API to test EIP712 signature.
  • Conflux Network Co-Founders and Scientists were invited to attend the 2020 Shanghai Science & Technology Festival Kick-Off Ceremony.
  • China Marketing Manager Cike presented the newest progress of Conflux Network to the Chengdu community at the “Connected Smart Contracts Meetup” jointly hosted by Chainlink, Meter, and Nervos.
  • Odaily hosted the “Finance & Blockchain Trends 2020” Summit in Beijing. Conflux Network Co-Founder Yuanjie Zhang presented a keynote with the topic — The Bilateral DeFi Boom — How The Explosive Gas Fees Hinders The Innovation And Cold Start Of DeFi. Conflux Network Technical Business Director Shu Shang was invited to join the panel discussion on the topic — Exploration of Open Finance.
  • Chainlink hosted their highly anticipated virtual SmartCon Summit #0. Conflux Network Founder Fan Long delivered a keynote presentation about Conflux Network and touched on blockchain in China. Conflux Network’s Global Managing Director Eden Dhaliwal was invited to join the panel discussion on the topic “How Blockchain Dev Culture Figured Out The Splinternet”.
  • Conflux Network Africa invited Chuta, Founder of BNUG, as the special guest of our third InstaLive Webinar “Beginner’s Guide to Decentralized Finance”.
  • Conflux Network was invited to an AMA organized by Coinnenss and Chainnode in Korea.
  • Conflux Oceanus Mining Testing Phase III is on-going with more than 1,800 mining nodes run by the community. Apply here.
  • Conflux Research Engineer Aaron Lu was invited to host a workshop with the Chainlink. The workshop showed the architecture of using a smart contract deployed on Conflux Network, Chainlink oracles, and an SMS gateway from Twilio to create on-chain interactions via SMS.·Conflux Network has released a new Blockchain Webinar Livestream about “Enabling Cross-Border Payments with Cryptocurrencies” with Binance Broker Team’s Jess Wang as this session’s special guest.
  • Global Office hosted a virtual meetup discussing DeFi in Emerging Markets. Panelists included Celo’s Head of Asia Ecosystem Development Evan Kereiakes, Co-Founder & CEO of Pngme Brendan Playford and Binance Broker Team’s Jess Wang. Watch the reply here.
  • The initial growth activity of the Conflux Network Russian Community has ended. We warmly welcome our 550+ new Russian speaking community members.
  • “The Conflux Pioneers Initiative” CPI voting is on-going. At the time of this writing, 364,688 CPI voting tokens have been redeemed, and 291,672 votes have been placed, resulting in an increase of votes of 344%. In the past two weeks, the four teams in the Conflux Pioneers Initiative China had produced a total of 408 TikTok videos.
  • Fixed some bugs in ConfluxScan.
  • Fixed some bugs in Bounty.

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