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Bi-Weekly Progress Report: June 8— June 21, 2020

Summarizing our latest progress and activities at Conflux Network.

Technical Development

  • Optimized snapshot write performance through batching chunk writes in single SQLite transaction and adjusting boot configurations.
  • Refactor archive/full node log filtering logic.
  • Fixed the issue of incorrect state root after node restart.

DEX Ecosystem

  • The new asset DAI has been mapped onto Conflux chain by the Cross-chain Alliance.
  • Conflux DEX Infrastructure has completed the tests of accounting procedures 2.0.
  • Conflux DEX confirmed the cost optimization solution.
  • The ShuttleFlow Protocol added Multi-Scenarios receiving addresses and the function has been under testing.

Global Office

  • DeFiner and Conflux Network Partnership Announced: and Conflux Network will work toward the goal of supporting the development of DeFi on a global scale, driving the adoption of each network and improving peer-to-peer lending activities.
  • ZIP and Conflux Network Partnership Announced: Conflux Network partners with ZIP to create a collaborative ecosystem where developers can reach new levels of optimization and create real-world solutions by offering multi-network cloud credits.

Online Activity

  • Conflux Network participated at the BlockDown 2020 Conference. Our Co-Founder, YuanJie, and Global Managing Director, Eden, both spoke at the conference and discussed stablecoins, central bank digital currencies, and the future of Conflux Network.
  • In Korea, Conflux Network, Chainlink, Nervos, and Ethereum Classic have jointly hosted a virtual meetup.
  • In Vietnam, Conflux Network was invited to participate in an online AMA hosted by the VCM (Vietnam Coin Market) community.
  • The Vietnam Blockchain Movement with KardiaChain, ViewFin.ED and Atoken Wallet has successfully ended. With a total of 44,600 participating members during the online event, 165 selected posts about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency were shared, 477 comments written by the members and 5,700 reactions accumulated.
  • The Conflux Developer Community has been growing rapidly. The Conflux DAO committee has kicked-off, and ten reviewed community projects are now about to enter their implementation stage. One of which is the Conflux Community University, with the aim to educate the community about DApp development.

Community Product

  • ConfluxScan v1.0.1 fixed some bugs.
  • ConfluxPortal released v0.2.3, added chainid feature.
  • Bounty fixed some bugs.

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Conflux Network

Conflux Network

Conflux is a PoW + PoS hybrid first layer consensus blockchain for dApps that require speed at scale, without sacrificing decentralization.