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Bi-Weekly Progress Report: November 23–December 6, 2020

Summarizing Conflux Network’s latest progress and activities.

  • Released Conflux-rust 1.0.4. Added new RPC trace_block, support check smart contract’s internal trace. Two pubsub issues fixed.
  • Added Go-SDK support for internal contracts.
  • Developed token sponsor management in ShuttleFlow.
  • Added more administration APIs in MatchFlow.
  • Added validation against trade amount when settled in BoomFlow.
  • Hacking Decentralized Commerce hackathon winners have been announced. Congratulations to Interest Prize Dollar for winning first place, Fluxgift came in second, and Polaris followed in third place.
  • The global office hosted “The Future of Web3” virtual meetup with Connor O’Day from Gitcoin, Tegan Kline from The Graph, Patrick Collins from Chainlink, and our Research Engineer, Aaron Lu. After the meetup, Connor and Aaron showcased the winners from our hackathon.
  • On Nov 30th, Conflux Korea was invited to participate in an online AMA session hosted by Chainnode on Telegram.
  • Co-Founder Yuanjie Zhang was invited to the “BEYOND — 2020 Blockchain Industry Conference and Annual Awards Ceremony”. Conflux was honored as the “Most Technically Innovative Public Blockchain in 2020” at the ceremony.
  • Co-Founder and CTO Ming Wu was invited to the Department of Blockchain and Digital Economy Forum and participated in a panel.
  • Co-Founder Yuanjie Zhang was invited to speak at the “World Blockchain Conference 2020 Wu Han”.
  • Research Director Dr. Guang Yang was invited to the “National Standards and Group Standards Compiling Conference”.
  • Conflux Co-Founder Zhang Yuanjie gave a keynote speech on the topic “Innovation and Security of Blockchain Finance” at the World Blockchain Conference in Wuhan in the conference track — Cryptoeconomics and Open Finance. Marketing Manager Cike introduced the Conflux community governance and ecosystem development to University representatives at the World Blockchain Conference in Wuhan in the conference track — University Voices.
  • The first upgrade voting of Conflux Network were activated on Dec 1st, 2020. Voting contents include the basic reward of every block and the period of checkpoints.
  • On Dec 4th, DAO voting on the Conflux Network Ecosystem Fund usage and the remaining FC tokens’ distribution period were activated.
  • ConfluxScan v2.0.2 was released. Scan added failed transaction errorMessage explorer feature.
  • Staking & Governance v1.0.0 was released.

About Conflux Network

The only state endorsed public, permissionless blockchain project in China, Conflux Network is an open-source, layer-1 blockchain protocol delivering heightened scalability, security, and extensibility for the next generation of open commerce, decentralized applications, financial services, and Web 3.0. Conflux Network is overseen by a global team of world-class engineers and innovative computer scientists, led by Turing Award recipient Dr. Andrew Yao. Fostering entrepreneurship and innovation, Conflux elevates startups and organizations across industries and continents to generate decentralized marketplaces and digital assets for meaningful business and social impact. Founded in 2018, Conflux has raised $35 million in capital from prominent investors including Sequoia China, Metastable, Baidu Ventures, F2Pool, Huobi, IMO Ventures, and the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission.



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Conflux Network

Conflux is a PoW + PoS hybrid first layer consensus blockchain for dApps that require speed at scale, without sacrificing decentralization.