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Bi-Weekly Progress Report: November 9–November 22, 2020

Summarizing Conflux Network’s latest progress and activities.

Technical Development

  • Upgraded Conflux-rust to v1.0.3, added two RPC methods, improved stability.
  • Released JS-SDK v1.1.2, support for new RPC, added more documentation.


  • Added 15 new ERC20 tokens in ShuttleFlow.
  • Supported to change withdraw fee of cross-chain tokens at runtime.
  • Fixed bugs in MatchFlow.

Global Office

  • Our founder Fan Long was interviewed by Decrypt for an exclusive interview to discuss Conflux’s beginnings, mainnet launch, compliance and regulation in China, scaling Conflux as a Layer 2 solution and being a member of Open DeFi.

Check out the interview here.

  • Fan Long sat down with Charlie Shrem for his podcast ‘Untold Stories’ to discuss what it’s like running a blockchain company in China as well as government regulation in the crypto space.

Listen to the podcast here.

  • Conflux Network has officially launched its Spanish Telegram community with ambassadors from Chile and Argentina.

Join the official Conflux Spanish Telegram community here.

Online Activity

  • Conflux Network was invited to participate in an online AMA session hosted by Hillrise Capital on Telegram.

Check out the highlights from the AMA here.

  • Conflux co-founder Zhang Yuanjie and marketing manager Cike were invited to F2Pool live streaming show. They introduced the Conflux Network and shared mining knowledge with the audience.
  • Conflux UMA EDU Initiative — Dubhe is coming to the end. The best teams will be chosen among the current 15 teams after two-round project presentations.
  • Conflux Africa was invited to participate in an online AMA session hosted by AMAlovers group on Telegram.
  • Media manager Li Ruihan was invited to’s live streaming show.

Offline Activity

  • Co-founder Zhang Yuanjie was interviewed by ChainNews, on the subject of “From a Public Blockchain to an Ecosystem Constructor: What Has Conflux Done?”.

Read the interview here.

Community Product

  • ConfluxScan v2.0.0 was released.
  • ConfluxPortal v0.5.8 was released. fix: multiply 1drip with 1.1; fix(nonce-tracker): failed to filter tx with address.

About Conflux Network

The only state endorsed public, permissionless blockchain project in China, Conflux Network is an open-source, layer-1 blockchain protocol delivering heightened scalability, security, and extensibility for the next generation of open commerce, decentralized applications, financial services, and Web 3.0. Conflux Network is overseen by a global team of world-class engineers and innovative computer scientists, led by Turing Award recipient Dr. Andrew Yao. Fostering entrepreneurship and innovation, Conflux elevates startups and organizations across industries and continents to generate decentralized marketplaces and digital assets for meaningful business and social impact. Founded in 2018, Conflux has raised $35 million in capital from prominent investors including Sequoia China, Metastable, Baidu Ventures, F2Pool, Huobi, IMO Ventures, and the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission.



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Conflux Network

Conflux Network


Conflux is a PoW + PoS hybrid first layer consensus blockchain for dApps that require speed at scale, without sacrificing decentralization.