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Conflux Network Monthly Progress Report — June 2021

Public Chain

  • Finished the integration of PoS and PoW in the context of a fixed committee, and passed all existing Python tests.
  • Started implementing PoS-related internal contracts, and start integrating them with the implementation of committee rotation.
  • Implemented other hard-fork-related CIPs, including supporting the ETH transaction format and configurable reentrancy-check mechanism.
  • Continuously adding and optimizing RPCs.


  • JS-SDK v1.6.10 released, supported by keepAlive, with retry and added unified utility method for short address.
  • Java-SDK v1.1.0 released with the latest RPC method added.
  • Conflux-rust homebrew package built to facilitate Mac users access to node procedure.
  • Helped a community project @confluxfans/contracts improve the lint configuration.


  • Supported NFT assets query.
  • Supported pending transactions query.
  • Optimized development features, including transaction input data, event log, and trace result.
  • Integrated help center with Zendesk.
  • ~50 minor UI optimizations.
  • Data synchronization benchmark test.


  • Tested integration to validate data consistency.
  • Resolved the atomicity problem of data synchronization.
  • Data synchronization benchmark test.
  • PancakeSwap supported bCFX and started bCFX liquidity mining on June 3rd.
  • Our English and Spanish speaking communities hosted an AMA with PoolGo, a lottery ecosystem project built on Conflux.
  • Launched weekly online courses for our grant recipient Reach, attracting 25 students.
  • Co-Founder Fan Long spoke at REIMAGINE 2021 Game of Chains conference.
  • Conflux is expanding! We welcomed our Conflux Indonesia community to Twitter.
  • Our first Global Grants Committee has been formed. The committee consists of members from the Conflux team (members from our teams in China, Canada, and USA), our Chinese Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) and Ambassadors from our English speaking community.
  • ConFi Creator Alliance launched an article contest with to celebrate Conflux’s 3rd anniversary.
  • The First Conflux Blockchain Writing Award was successfully held, with about 30 teams from 16 schools participating.
  • The interactive event “Children’s Day: Record Your Young In Another Way” was held and participants were given a Children’s Day themed NFT with their childhood photos.
  • “Dancing ConFi” available on WeChat’s emotion store.
  • Auctions for the series of NFTs NFT ERA: THE GHOST WARRIOR created by the lead artist of ART 101 Lulu.Z and Sternstunde der Menschheit created by the mysterious Misaki-S26 were successfully concluded on Tspace.
  • Conflux was honored to host a summit on blockchain at the Pujiang Innovation Forum on June 2–3, 2021. The summit, featuring 15+ speakers and guests from several research institutions and government departments, focused on the use of real-world blockchain applications in various sectors, including the construction industry, engineering, and transportation.
  • The Masquerade: When Thinker Meets Artist co-hosted by Conflux and CryptoC was successfully held in Shanghai. Initiator Lang Hanwei, founder of CryptoC and Fengchao Gallery Tang Han, president of Li Feifan, head of PR of Conflux Liu Chang, ART101 top artist Lulu.z, CTO of Tspace and Ancient Chinese Gods Xiaonan, Max of NFTBox, and Fan Yuanyuan of Amplio Capital were invited to the event, gave the keynote speech, and had roundtable discussions.
  • Co-Founder Zhang Yuanjie was invited to give a keynote speech titled Blockchain NFT: The Unlimited Crypto World by the MBA Blockchain Club of Fudan University.
  • The second phase of a blockchain entrepreneurship camp for university students of Conflux’s Beidou Program was launched both online and offline this month. By the end of the sign-up period, 51 teams have participated, covering more than 60 colleges and universities at home and abroad. An offline lecture was held at Northeastern University (Qinhuangdao Campus) on July 3, where Conflux staff explained what blockchain is, introduced the advantages of Conflux, and answered related questions raised by the students.
  • Team members Geoff and Sami attended Bitcoin Miami.



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