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Conflux Network Monthly Progress Report — May 2021

Public Chain

  • Diem code transplanted; interaction of algorithms between PoS and PoW achieved.
  • BLS signature algorithm VRF algorithm integrated.
  • The VRF-based leader election and committee rotation implemented in the PoS code.
  • V1.1.4 of node procedure released and implementation of RPC partly improved.


  • V1.6.2 JS-SDK released. Optimized address format conversion performance, published JS-SDK’s own documentation site.
  • V1.0.9 GO-SDK released, added RPC middleware feature.
  • Conflux developer documentation optimization, added new documentation.
  • Built arm64 docker image for conflux-rust.
  • Faucet Dapp developed.


  • Now supporting search feature by token name/symbol.
  • Supporting to preview transaction and show method info in transaction list.
  • Added 6 statistics charts.
  • Optimized ~40 UI items.
  • Optimized the data query performance.


  • Updated phishing detect list.
  • Fixed a bug that treats internal contract address as user address.
  • Blocked tokens without decimal method on “add token” page.


  • Supported memory cache to increase query performance.
  • Supporting load balance with fullnode cluster.
  • Supporting health management of fullnode cluster.
  • Upgraded the public RPC service on testnet.
  • ForTube announced a strategic partnership with Conflux, launched $bCFX and started the “New Token Mining” campaign on May 11th.
  • Conflux is now live on Messari-the leaders in crypto research, insights and data.
  • Conflux partners with Verox AI bringing AI technology to Conflux. Our partnership will focus on merging AI and DeFi, with the benefits of an AI crypto investment manager.
  • Stably will be joining the Conflux ecosystem, helping to connect the blockchain-based digital economy to the existing financial world through stablecoins and open finance APIs.
  • We hosted AMA #2 with our Founder Fan Long. Fan spoke with the English-speaking community covering what we accomplished in Q1, current developments, and answered community questions live.
  • Conflux sponsored the Open DeFi hackathon by putting up a $5,000 bounty to build a native crypto-backed stablecoin.
  • Peter hosted a Conflux 101 workshop during the Open DeFi hackathon covering topics like Conflux developer tools, cross-chain asset mechanism, and transaction sponsorship.
Conflux 101 Workshop — Open DeFi Hackathon
  • Conflux hosted an AMA in our English Telegram channel with Oasis to promote our partnership.
  • Conflux LATAM took part in their first webinar with Blockchain Academy Chile. The webinar introduced developers in Latin America to Conflux and our Ecosystem.
  • Fan Long spoke with Forkast News and the Wall Street Journal on China’s recent crypto policy news.
  • Conflux hosted an AMA in our English and Spanish Telegram channels with grant recipient Sacred Finance. Sacred is a new privacy DApp, based on ZK- SNARK technology and platformed on the Conflux. If you missed the AMA, you can find the recap below.
  • Conflux LATAM hosted a voice AMA on our Spanish-speaking Telegram channel.
  • Sami joined the Messari Analyst call to chat about Conflux.
  • Sami spoke at NFT.NYC about NFT and DeFi. Conflux will be sponsoring NFT.NYC this year taking place Nov 1- 3 in New York City.
  • Kim and Camilla who lead our Global Marketing team spoke at CMX: Communities in Blockchain and Crypto.
  • Camilla from our Global team spoke at the Women in Blockchain Twitter Spaces panel.

Conflux released our 6-month progress since Mainnet on our official Medium. Highlights include:

✅ More than 10 million transactions have been processed by the network since mainnet launch.

✅ 220,000 unique wallet addresses actively holding CFX.

✅ TVL has grown to $104 million.

✅ Deployed more than 1,500 unique smart contracts.

✅ ShuttleFlow has processed more than $164 million in cross-chain asset transfers.

✅ More than 900 nodes across 26 countries.

  • Christian was invited to an online AMA live stream organized by LBank.
  • Conflux Africa Lead Ehis was invited to an online AMA on Telegram organized Binance Africa.
  • Conflux held an auction for a collector’s edition of ConFi’s Pizza Day NFT on MoonSwap & Tspace.
  • Ting Song’s work is displayed at an exhibition themed “Hymn to Youth· Original Aspirations in A Century” on Zhihu.
  • Co-hosted the Creation experiment for “A Masque For Thinkers and Artists” with Crypto C; it generated 26 ideas.
  • A video channel on Wechat is available under the name @Conflux中文社区
  • A series of popular science videos titled “ConFi’s Comment on NFT” has been produced, together with and
  • The third batch of ConFi memes is available.
  • A new Weibo account @烤仔ConFi is available, which will observe the impact of blockchain technology and decentralized culture on the real world and traditional finance.

Offline Events

  • The 2021 China Collegiate Programming Contest (CCPC) final was held in Beijing. A total of 95 participants from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing Jiaotong University, and other universities visited Conflux and exchanged ideas on May 28.
  • Christian from our team in China was invited to speak on a panel at the “Emerge — NFT Crossover Exploration” event.



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