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Ecosystem Grants Update: February 2021

The Conflux Ecosystem Grants Program offers over 2.4 billion in CFX to our community to build on the Conflux Network

Through funding and support from the grants program, our goal is to support innovation, and build an equitable and inclusive future, connecting economies and communities across the globe.

We have some amazing grant recipients already building on Conflux. These projects all have ambitious goals that will hopefully inspire you—check out their progress! (If you have an innovative project idea we’d love to hear from you)


Reach is a new programming language enabling real world development on blockchain through simple and fast enablement tools. DApps to be easily built in a matter of days instead of months. The team has been busy developing tutorials and running workshops for their community members to teach existing and prospective web3 developers how to build their next DApp using Reach. If you would like to learn more you can connect with Reach directly in their discord.


Bitquery provides APIs for Conflux on-chain data to support different data verticals. The team has completed the Conflux explorer and GraphQL API, with full GraphQL functionality. Some additional features have also been added to the integration, including the addition of market data to the on-chain data feature set, expansion of GraphQL’s API feature to increase flexibility, and the introduction of Sankey graphs to show the inflow and outflow of assets into an ecosystem. To learn more, Bitquery has published two articles with some great data on Conflux’s performance over the last few months (Querying Conflux blockchain and Growth of the Conflux network). Bitquery is currently collecting feedback from our community, so if you would like to provide some comments and help inform their development roadmap the team would love to hear from you ,

Certik — DeepSEA

DeepSEA by Certik is a language to write verified and secure smart contracts. DeepSEA is committed to building a cross-platform and reliable smart contract framework, which provides a bug-free program compiler for various smart contract platforms such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, and now Conflux. The DeepSEA team has completed stage 1 of their development roadmap, and ported the DeepSEA compiler to Conflux. They have also made improvements to accommodate bytecode features unique to Conflux’s VM. Stay tuned for more updates from the DeepSEA team!

Decentology — DappStarter

DAppStarter by Decentology is a SaaS platform for building DApps that offers a full stack development environment for blockchains, supporting multiple blockchains and languages with an integrated front-end experience. Now with Conflux Beta, Dappstarter eliminates a lot of the early friction for new developers interested in building DApps on Conflux. Using DappStarter developers will be able to build custom DApps on Conflux in 15 minutes or less. Feedback from our community of beta testers has been positive, and we’re excited for the full integration with this incredible app which will also include an NFT composer! To learn more or join our community of beta testers for future testing please join our Discord

Simpli DeFi

Simpli Defi is a robo advisor and aggregation platform for DeFi, simplifying the investment process for the casual cryptocurrency holder who has idle currency and does not have the time and/or knowledge to invest. The project will consider connecting with newer Conflux based platforms such as MoonDEX, MoonSwap along with more established projects across different platforms. Simpli DeFi will also offer several standardized model portfolios of cryptocurrencies based on risk modeling to match a user’s risk preferences. The team has completed the front-end construction, and is now back-testing trading strategies for community rollout.

This is just the beginning — we have many more exciting grant updates and new grant announcements coming soon, so stay tuned.

If you have an innovative project idea we’d love to hear from you)








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