First Wave of Conflux Ecosystem Grants Winners Awarded

Congratulations to our grantees Bitquery, Decentology, DeepSEA (CertiK), Fullet, Mixpay, Simpli DeFi and Superfluid!

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Oct 28, 2020 · 6 min read

Today, we are excited to share the first wave of grants awarded through the Conflux Ecosystem Grants Program! First announced in July, our grants program is focused on building the decentralized future through DApps and infrastructure on our fast, secure, and permissionless next-generation blockchain.

Over the past few months, we received many grants applications with some very innovative DApp ideas and projects with applications coming in from over 12 countries across six continents!

After many rounds of review, we are proud to announce the eight grant recipients in the first wave of the Conflux Ecosystem Grants Program. Across the eight applications, Conflux will be issuing close to $300k in Conflux tokens to help fund the development of the new infrastructure and DApps coming to Conflux. Grantees are set to start building on November 1st.


Conflux on-chain data APIs

Bitquery is an API-first product company dedicated to power and solving blockchain data problems using the ground truth of on-chain data. With unified APIs on 30+ Blockchains, Bitquery supports different data verticals like Crypto Surveillance with its unique Coinpath technology, Arbitrage Trading on DEXs, Digital Assets, Smart Contracts, and more. Bitquery empowers known Blockchain Projects & Service Providers, Financial Institutions, Crypto Exchanges & Developers. With the grant, the talented team at Bitquery plans to extend existing APIs for Conflux. This will give the advantage to existing developers already using our APIs to “port” to Conflux, as well as extending Bitquery API for Conflux specific protocols, smart contracts, and internals.

Check out the beta of their Conflux support here!


SaaS platform for customized project source code to generate DApps.

Decentology’s vision is to empower developers with tools so they can use decentralized technology to make the world a better place. Their flagship product is DappStarter — a SaaS platform that generates customized, full-stack project source code for decentralized applications.

By integrating DappStarter with Conflux Network, Decentology will eliminate friction for new developers interested in building on Conflux. Developers will be able to build custom DApps on Conflux in 15 minutes or less. DappStarter features modules that also introduce new and interesting Smart Contract design patterns. Finally, developers will be able to build high-quality solutions with the built-in test framework, hot-loading and deployment of contracts and web code, webpack-based packaging of client-side code, and modern API architecture using NestJS.

DeepSEA (CertiK)

Alternate language to write verified and secure smart contracts on Conflux

DeepSEA is committed to building a cross-platform and reliable smart contract framework, which provides a bug-free program compiler for various smart contract platforms such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, and now the Conflux Blockchain. This ensures that no new bugs and errors are introduced during the compilation process. This project aims to integrate DeepSEA with the Conflux system to provide Conflux developers with a program development environment leveraging the Coq proof assistant, in order to provide strong security guarantees and greatly reduce the possibility of hacker attacks when the smart contracts are deployed on Conflux.


Decentralized desktop wallet for Conflux assets

Fullet is an open-source desktop wallet for Conflux Network and all the digital assets supported on our chain. The goal is to create a permissionless and decentralized desktop wallet for Mac OS, Windows, and Linux platforms that prides itself on a simple and enjoyable user experience. With the Fullet wallet, users will be able to create a Conflux wallet, stake on the native chain, unlock wallets with a private key or Keystore file. The wallet’s main function is to receive, send, and store $CFX and other Conflux assets as well as provide a dashboard showing the latest transactions and activity of a user’s Conflux wallet.


RMB and fiat on-ramp plugin for Conflux DApps

The Mixpay project is focused on integrating a plug-in button compatible with any Conflux DApp, to achieve the deposit of legal currency such as RMB. The project supports users to purchase CFX, cBTC, cETH, cUSDT, and other Conflux assets with RMB and other fiat currencies on the Conflux chain. Utilizing our high throughput and rich application scenarios, Mixpay can solve the problem of difficult deposits, greatly improve the convenience for users to purchase assets on Conflux, and optimize users’ experience with other DApps. At the same time, it will also optimize the application of Conflux cross-chain functions, allowing users to enter the ecosystem of multiple assets either through direct deposits or fiat on-ramping.

Simpli DeFi

Robo-advisor and DeFi aggregation which simplifies investment and optimizes returns.

Simpli-Defi is an on-chain aggregation platform that plugs into various DeFi projects and simplifies the investment process. It is designed for the casual cryptocurrency holder who has idle currency sitting around and does not have the time and/or knowledge to invest. Simpli-Defi will connect to several platforms to deposit funds onto lending platforms, liquidity pools on DEXs and will access several different asset classes including cryptocurrencies, tokenized gold, and stable coins. The project will consider connecting with newer Conflux based platforms such as MoonDEX, MoonSwap along with more established projects across different platforms (Balancer, Curve, Uphold Universal Gold, etc.). The platform will also offer several standardized model portfolios of cryptocurrencies based on risk modeling and will match the client to portfolio-based risk preferences.


Stocks, tokens, precious metals on Conflux Network through synthetic assets

Superfluid is a protocol on the Conflux Network blockchain to define and produce synthetic digital assets, which are tokens that follow the price of other assets such as BTC, ETH, stocks, bonds, or even metals like gold and silver. Superfluid plans to optimize current industry solutions for synthetic assets and is working to create a platform that can create these digital assets in a decentralized and algorithmically-backed collateral process. The Superfluid team originated from Obsidian Labs, which was founded by YC and MIT alumni and has been working on blockchain technology for several years. Their other project with Conflux, Conflux Studio, is an IDE smart contract development platform that can be used by developers to create smart contracts and DApps on the Conflux Network blockchain.

Hacking Decentralized Commerce with Conflux, Gitcoin, AAVE and Chainlink

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