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Q3 Grant Recipients Announced

The Conflux Ecosystem Grants Program offers up to $100,000 USD per project in funding to our community to build on Conflux Network.

Through funding and support from the grants program, our goal is to drive innovation, and build an equitable and inclusive future, connecting economies and communities across the globe.

We have some amazing grant recipients already building on Conflux. The projects below are all recent grantees with ambitious goals that will hopefully inspire you — learn more about them and track their progress by following the links below.

If you have an idea for something you would like to build on Conflux, we would love to hear from you!


MyShares is a AA payment DApp for groups of people who want to split bills and form small-scale Groupon purchasing habits. In addition to allowing bill splitting among groups of friends, MyShares is on a mission to enable purchasing behaviour data of small groups to be used for credit and other DeFi applications on Conflux.

To track the progress of their grant click here ⬇️

Maneki Meow

Maneki Meow is a collectibles NFT game with a play to earn element where players can generate and trade Maneki’s as they embark on their mission to curate their perfect collection.

Follow their progress here ⬇️️

T2- (T-Square)

T2 is a decentralized world for publishing content that incorporates a gamification element to reading to create a feedback loop that publishers can use to tailor their content to their audience. By tokenizing ‘attention’ T2 hopes to unlock the full potential of human attention and unlock the greater potential of decentralized knowledge.

Follow their progress here ⬇️


Dfyn is deploying their suite of cross-chain liquidity infrastructure primitives on Conflux, including a multi-chain AMM and cross-chain bridge. The team at Dfyn is focused on enabling the seamless movement of liquidity between L1 ecosystems and support projects looking to do multi-chain token issuances.

Follow their progress here ⬇️

Conflux NFT Index

As NFTs are starting to gain mainstream adoption, it is still a niche market. Investors and institutions that are not crypto native still face a steep learning curve. To facilitate the maturity of the market, and develop a sophisticated low threshold investment, the team behind Conflux NFT Index is committed to building an industry leading NFT Index on Conflux. The first part of this grant is for research that will be made open sourced to our community.

Follow their progress here ⬇️


Altostream is a music streaming platform that uses blockchain technology to facilitate payments from users directly to the creators. With an initial beach head focused on Afro-Beats in Nigeria, Altostream will use Conflux as the payment layer for their ground-breaking platform that puts the power back in the hands of creators, curators, and listeners.

Follow their progress here ️️⬇️

Reach Bounty Hack

Reach Language, in partnership with Conflux, launched a bounty hack (a guided hackathon) in China for participants to learn Reach and deploy simple DApps on Conflux.

Follow their progress here ⬇️



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