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LEAD Wallet Partners with Conflux Network

LEAD wallet, a multi-chain non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet, will integrate Conflux network into its mainnet application.

Created in 2020, Lead Wallet’s mission is to help new and existing crypto users easily access and manage assets inside one application, with a simple and intuitive UX. The team at LEAD understands that the learning curve in the crypto space is a challenge for user adoption, primarily with new or casual crypto traders who find it confusing navigating DeFi and non-custodial trades — especially across chains. LEAD Wallet is changing this, removing the complexity of multiple wallets and user experiences, with a single product where people can trade, stake, and do all crypto-related activities within one application, all with a simple UX, and without losing control of their private keys.

LEAD Wallet chose to integrate with Conflux based on the efficiency and speed the Network will bring to its users. Conflux is able to process 3000–6000 tps with less than thirty seconds of confirmation time, all with low fees, that make Conflux an attractive alternative to Ethereum. Conflux also has a core focus on DeFi, interoperability and facilitating multi-chain transactions.

The core team from LEAD recognizes Conflux as one of the most promising ecosystems building a truly sustainable infrastructure for the global crypto economy.

Ruddy Gunawan, Lead Wallet’s Chief Experience Officer believes “Conflux Network has promising technology with a very unique consensus algorithm, and we are excited to integrate Conflux into Lead Wallet’s mainnet application. In the future, we will explore even deeper integrations with the Conflux team. Our goals are aligned, and both teams are excited about the partnership and what we can accomplish together ”

Conflux is a high performance blockchain designed for dApps that require speed at scale without sacrificing decentralization. Headquartered in Beijing China, Conflux has expanded its global operations with a diverse distributed team across four continents, and additional offices in Toronto, Canada and Lagos, Nigeria.

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Conflux Network

Conflux Network


Conflux is a PoW + PoS hybrid first layer consensus blockchain for dApps that require speed at scale, without sacrificing decentralization.