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Monthly Progress Report — April 2022

Public Chain

  • Completed the implementation of the internal contract for the on-chain system parameter vote.
  • Started implementing the storage of the whole-history multi-version state.
  • Optimized both coreSpace and eSpace RPCs.


  • Completed development and testing of the Rosetta-API.
  • Developed a Discord gasFee faucet bot to allow new Conflux eSpace users get their cross-assets.
  • Added support to eSpace for PoS pool, enabled use of Metamask to participate in PoS.


  • Supported chars & statistics for eSpace.
  • Added support for decode event logs and tx input data for proxy contracts.
  • Supported detailed NFT browsing and allowed users to transfer assets.
  • Compatible with etherscan open API (under development).
  • Added token price and market cap support for eSpace.


  • Supported WebSocket for eSpace JSON RPC.
  • Improved scalability for event logs (under development).


  • Released v1.6.0 - supporting transaction speedup/cancel.
  • Delivered multi-chain to QA.
  • The Conflux Foundation announced the launch of the eSpace Liquidity Incentive Program to help bootstrap and drive sustainable ecosystem development on Conflux eSpace.
  • Token Pocket announced support for Conflux eSpace.
  • Announced strategic partnership with BitMart.
  • Swappi launches on Conflux eSpace and reached $75M TVL.
  • Our CTO and Co-Founder Ming Wu sat down for AMAs with Kucoin & Binance communities.
  • MetaLandscape together with ConfluxDao, MetaEstate, MetaCat, BCA, Ponlaii Design, SeeDao, and MultiverseDAO launched “Lantern Project#1” — a metaverse building competition and received nearly 50 submissions.
  • Hosted an AMA with Multichain in our English Telegram channel and our Co-Founder Ming Wu and Head of Global Expansion Christian chatted with the Multichain community in their Telegram channel.
  • Blockchain Academy Chile hosted Conflux eSpace workshop for LatAm developers.
  • Hack por la Paz hosted Conflux Master Class/Workshop for Mexican University students and NFTpreneurs.
  • Conflux Labs, our African developer workshop in collaboration with ChainIDE is in its final stages with 12 teams and 60 participants developing their final project.
  • Celer Network hosted an AMA to discuss cBridge’s bridging support for Conflux eSpace in their Telegram group.
  • Hosted an AMA with TurboStarter in our English Telegram channel, introduced our community to another exciting ecosystem project.
  • Twitter Space hosted by Criptoecosystem, LatAm ambassadors Jeny & Jeniffer and crypto artist VJDeliria.
  • Latam ambassador Jeniffer from Venezuela talked about DeFi governance tokens on a local radio station and introduced Conflux & Swappi.
  • Our LatAm ambassadors co-organzied DeFiniendo las DeFi Twitter Space about Conflux eSpace & Swappi.
  • Conflux Network started its first Ecosystem Twitter Space series to highlight ecosystem projects to the community with TokenPocket’s Promotions Lead Sam.



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