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Monthly Progress Report — August 2021

August was a busy month for Conflux, some notable updates include completing the implementation of PoS, wrapped up our Reach x Conflux bounty hackathon, and continuing to expand in LATAM with MEXO exchange listing.

Public Chain

  • Completed the implementation of PoS.
  • v3 PoS tesnet has launched; Documentations and tools have been prepared.
  • Implemented PoS related RPCs.


  • Added JS, Go SDK support for Conflux-rust v1.1.5’s RPC change.
  • Added support for personal_sign, typedDataSign to JS SDK.
  • Added support to RPC-bridge service for websocket and pubsub, currently testing and optimizing.
  • Initial migration of ethers.js has been completed.


  • Added ConfluxPortal back to Chrome Web store; Add to Microsoft Edge store.
  • Fixed a bug that ethgasstation api timeout lead to permanent on loading screen.


  • Support added to query CFX balance in history.
  • Supporting NFT inventory for CRC721/CRC1155 tokens.
  • Added more filters for account transaction list and token transfer list.
  • Published Scan API (iteration 1), including account assets, transactions and token transfer records.
  • Optimized 30+ UI items.


  • Supported pub/sub and trace RPC.
  • Optimized data cache for getLogs RPC.
  • Supported getBlockByBlockNumber RPC.
  • Supported block number filter for getLogs RPC
  • CFX listed on MEXO Exchange — This is Conflux’s first listing on a Latin American exchange. Conflux is sponsoring MEXO’s anniversary event/campaign which runs from August — Sept.
  • bCFX listed on Tokocrypto, Indonesia’s largest exchange by volume. The listing kicked off with a multi-project trading activity.
  • Conflux and KSwap partnered for a CFXK-USDT liquidity mining.
  • Conflux Network and Witch have reached an strategic partnership to further advance development in the NFT space.
  • Shanghai Tree-Graph Research Institute hosted IEE P3217 conference with IEEE together.
  • Our Co-Founder Fan Long was a keynote speaker at Chainlink’s SmartCon Summit which ran from August 5–7.
  • PR manager Li Ruihanw was invited as a guest for an AMA hosted by Cointelegraph Chinese and KAKA NFT WORLD.
  • Product manager Jiang Wei, researcher Ma Jie, Guguo’s Co-Founder and Metaverse designer Fan Liang, CNpay’s Co-Founder Hanks all took part in Fiat-to-NFT AMA with our Chinese community.
  • Our Global Community lead Camilla Caban was invited as a guest for an AMA with the FLUX Telegram community.
  • Chris Banbury from our Global Office was featured on the WGN Podcast where he chatted about Conflux and blockchain.
  • Conflux LATAM was invited as a guest for AMAs with the CoinEx Exchange and Spanish communities in their respective Telegram channels.
  • Ivan, of Conflux’s marketing department in China, gave an online lecture through APS Camp in Taiwan.
  • COET, in conjunction with ConFi, the ConFi Creators Alliance, and the ART101, launched the PixelConFi campaign, with 672 blind boxes sold out and the organizations’ airdrops closed.
  • Sponsored by Conflux, the Unihack Hackathon Programming Competition was successfully held, during which Conflux conducted a number of blockchain-related online workshops for participants.
  • Conflux co-launched an NFT creating event with DODO, with 36 artworks submissions.
  • The fourth batch of ConFi memes is available on WeChat.
  • Crypto Tech Night #6 was successfully conducted with Longfei from Protocol Labs (Filecoin) and Leo from Epik Protocol on the topic decentralized storage.
  • Reach x Conflux Bounty Hack wrapped up after one month of hacking with 11 final submissions.
  • Conflux Network expanded its community to the Persian region (
  • The 4-week long DeFi experience in the Indonesian community has been successfully conducted. More than 400 participants used various DeFi and NFT platforms, incl. Flux Protocol, T-Space, ShuttleFlow. For many community members, it was the first time to use decentralized products.
  • Hosted an AMA for AnRKey X, introducing them to the Chinese community.




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Conflux is a PoW + PoS hybrid first layer consensus blockchain for dApps that require speed at scale, without sacrificing decentralization.

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