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Monthly Progress Report — August 2022

A look back at our progress for the month of August.

Public Chain

  • Released node version v2.1.0-testnet on Testnet and completed hardfork.
  • Tested hardfork-related features on Testnet.
  • Fixed issues about PoS chain catching-up and full-history state storage.
  • Continued the work related to decentralized storage.


  • Added new open API for ABI decode.
  • Added a new open API to aggregate user transactions and token transfers.
  • Optimized deployment process to reduce 502 errors.
  • Deployed new environment at BJ region and supported verifying contracts across regions.
  • Supported IPFS gateway auto-detection to improve access availability.
  • Supported clearing cached metadata in the NFT detail page.


  • Released version v2.4.0
  • Quick entry to show/hide testnet.
  • Allows modification of the default network’s RPC URL.
  • MAX mode, send total token balance.
  • Transactions are no longer allowed to be signed if the transaction is estimated error.


  • Supported WebSocket to access RPC.
  • Supported pub/sub RPC for core space.
  • Added new RPCs for the latest version fullnode.
  • Conflux teamed up with Swappi to run a meme contest. The contest ended with over 100 submissions.
  • Witnet held an AMA with Conflux on their Telegram channel. Our French ambassador Jerome was the guest speaker.
  • Our LATAM Lead Ambassador Jose participated in an AMA organized by the Coinex community in Spanish, in which he talked about Conflux’s prospects and goals.
  • An AMA was held with ShapeShift in Spanish in our Conflux LATAM Telegram. A week later, another AMA was held in ShapeShift’s community.
  • LATAM Ambassador Jennifer participated in a voice space in the Spanish-speaking community of Handshaking ED Tech, where Conflux was presented as one of the solutions for Web3.
  • Jenny and Jose from Conflux LATAM participated in an AMA in the cryptoecosystem discord community, where Pedro from OKX for LATAM also attended. They shared different ideas about web3 and decentralization.
  • Participated in an Instagram Live with the Cryptoecosystem community with LATAM ambassadors Jenny and Alvaro. They discussed Conflux and blockchain and crypto communities in Latin America.
  • Our Russian community held an AMA with Eric Chan from Maneki-Meow on the Russian Telegram channel.
  • Conflux Africa organized an interactive quiz in their Telegram community with more than 100 participants!
  • Conflux Expansion Manager Chris was invited to two online AMAs in the Persian Community, with Conflux Persia and CoinEx Persia.
  • Our team members, Geoff, Camilla, and Iryna, attended Futurist Conference, Canada’s largest blockchain conference in Toronto.



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