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Monthly Progress Report — February 2022

Public Chain

  • Completed Conflux mainnet v2.0.0 Hydra hard fork. 🎉
  • Supported processing cross-space phantom transactions in Eth RPCs.
  • Improved the compatibility of Eth RPCs.
  • Optimized the management operation for PoS nodes.


  • Tested and optimized eSpace RPC.
  • web3go SDK optimized and added Parity RPC methods support.
  • Updated Hydra go-sdk documentation.
  • pos-pool contract code optimized and tested.


  • Upgraded mainnet to support Hydra network, including PoS and eSpace.
  • eSpace support added to connect to Metamask and enabled contract verification/read/write operations.
  • Upgraded FC-CFX protocol to supplement FC staking interest after Hydra hard fork.
  • Support added to export top 5000 CFX holders.
  • Published statistics related to open APIs.


  • Integrated eth_getLogs RPC with off-chain database for eSpace.
  • Supported trace and parity RPCs for eSpace.
  • Developed automation tool for data consistency test.
  • Published v2.0.0 on mainnet and TestNet.


  • Added network management support and account rename support.
  • Added Chinese language.
  • Browser extension is now live in the Microsoft Edge store.
  • Conflux Blockchain Research Institute in China has recently co-operated with Xuhui District public housing operator Huicheng Group to develop a housing rental service platform based on blockchain technology.
  • D’CENT Wallet now supports native CFX and CRC20 tokens.
  • For the first time, all three Founders, Fan Long, YuanJie Zhang and Ming Wu got together for our first Twitter Spaces Founders Session AMA. The three founders spoke with the Conflux Global community about our Hydra hard fork and what the network update means for the ecosystem. Missed the AMA, replay it below! 👇
  • Our core developer Péter Garamvölgyi joined our English community for an AMA in our official Telegram channel where he discussed our hard fork and all other exciting updates at Conflux.
  • Liu Chang, Head of Operations of Taopai, was interviewed by Speedway Metaverse Institute.
  • Crypto Tech Night kicked off its African Chapter with the first meetup on the topic “Does MEV affect instant finality”.
  • Held Crypto Tech Night #11 in China on the topic “Smart Contract Security”.
  • Core developer Peter and our Head Of Global Expansion Chris were invited to an online AMA hosted by the Conflux Russian Community on Telegram to discuss our hard fork.
  • Kick started Face of Conflux Africa 2022 (FOCA2022). FOCA 2022 is held once a year to engage community members to invite their friends and family into the community to vote for them as Face of Conflux Africa.
  • Our French ambassador Jerome represented Conflux during an AMA with the Czero community.
  • Conflux hosted an AMA with Gol Finance in our English Telegram channel. GOLFinance is a unique soccer themed DeFi project that offers a DEX, yield farming and a play-to-earn soccer NFT game and supports bCFX.
  • Conflux LATAM co-organized a meetup with Hack Por La Paz for builders and the gaming community.
  • Conflux LATAM live streamed with LATAM gamer influencer Sharous.
  • Co-hosted Twitter Space event ‘Criptoarte en Latam’ with Blockchain Academy Chile.
  • Our team in LATAM attended and presented at ‘Ideaton BAC’, an all day event to brainstorm on projects ideas/use cases implemented using blockchain. The team shared updates on our Hydra hard fork and gave mentoring support.




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