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Monthly Progress Report — January 2022

Public Chain

  • Completed the implementation of EVM space and implemented some eth-compatible RPCs.
  • Optimized PoS performance and fixed PoS-related issues.
  • Fixed the tx pool issue where it becomes full and optimized the tx packing strategy.
  • Restarted net8888 testnet. Completed another Testnet hardfork to introduce EVM space.


  • Released JS-SDK V2, which includes a lot of new features.
  • Developed a new Ethereum Golang SDK called web3go because we believe there currently isn’t a good Go SDK in the ETH ecosystem.
  • EVM Space RPC developing and testing
  • EVM Space documentation writing.


  • Published EVM subspace Scan.
  • Developed more open APIs for the ecosystem.
  • Fixed historical data bugs.


  • Supported EVM compatible RPCs.
  • Supported off-chain persistence for EVM event logs.
  • Supported transaction relayer to improve the reliability of transaction propagation.
  • Deduped event logs to optimize data storage of transaction receipts.

Fluent Wallet

  • Fluent Wallet has officially launched — You can download our new browser wallet here ⤵️
  • Supports multiple helper accounts.
  • Supports authorizing multiple accounts.
  • Supports DApp switching accounts.
  • Cross space DApp development completed.

Follow Fluent Wallet on Twitter for the latest updates.

  • Taopai NFT Exchange has officially launched on Conflux and announced their strategic partnership with Mango Entertainment.
  • Coin98 has publicly announced its partnership with Conflux Network. The phase 1 integration has been completed. Coin98 users can now create/restore Conflux wallets & manage $CFX natively on the mobile app. In their next version, Coin98 hopes to support the promising DApps built on Conflux bringing users more opportunities to explore the Conflux’s DeFi ecosystem.
  • Published our 2022 technical roadmap. Check out what is planned for this upcoming year here ⬇️
  • Conflux was awarded “Best Infrastructure of the Year” by Panony Group along with Ethereum, Solana, NEAR and Neo.
  • Long Fan, President of Shanghai Tree-graph Research Institute, was interviewed by China News Financial.
  • “Conflux College Metaverse — Social Emblem Tour” event was officially launched in China and the first phase of the social emblem on the chain live event was successfully concluded.
  • Sponsored the “Introduction to Conflux Network” event at the Global Game Jam in collaboration with “Hack por la Paz.” This event was held by Conflux en Español and broadcasted on Global Game Jams social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Twitch.
  • As one of the sponsors of Wearable Dao, MetaLandscape co-organized the “China Red” Metaverse Fashion Show.
  • Our global team members Camilla, Luis and Miguel hosted our first Ambassadors call of 2022. Ambassadors from around the world tuned in to hear what’s new for Conflux in 2022.
  • China PR head Liu Chang was a guest on Newsseeker’s podcast to discuss the logic behind NFTs.



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