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Monthly Progress Report — July 2022

A look back at our progress for the month of July.

Public Chain

  • Released Mainnet v2.0.2 and v2.0.3.
  • Tested new CIPs, including DAO votes in the devnet, and fixed related issues.
  • Optimized the node recovery time and reduced the extra space needed for recovery.
  • Started to support Pubsub RPC in eSpace.


  • Added support to eSpace testnet faucet for ERC20 tokens: BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC.
  • Prepared documentation for DAO CIP.
  • Wrote new documentation: Gas, Accounts, Space.


  • Supported import & export of user profiles.
  • Added/Optimized charts for PoS and cross space.
  • Optimized query performance for some open APIs.
  • Fixed some bugs as the community reported.


  • Added EIP-1559 support.
  • Introduced Gas station
  • Improved transaction information.


  • Whitelist support to avoid rate limit.
  • Re-constructed system monitor dashboard v2.
  • Prepared documents and tools for deployment.
  • Open source code on Github.
  • Teamed up with Witnet to help run Witty Creatures NFT giveaway at EthCC.
  • Coinhub has integrated Conflux Network eSpace.
  • KPMG, HSBC report identified Conflux as one of the three crypto startups with unicorn potential in Asia.
  • Co-Founder and CTO Ming Wu was invited to the ZorooDAO community for an exclusive online session with >200 participants to talk about Conflux Network’s past and future roadmap.
  • Global Expansion Lead Christian was invited as a guest speaker on Twitter Spaces organized by Jubi Exchange China on the topic “How to participate in Web3” and by WorldwideNFT to talk about Web3 in Europe.
  • CryptoTechNight hosted two Twitter Spaces on the topics “ETH 2.0 — Merge Delay” and “GenZ in Web3.”
  • Hosted AMA and NFT Auction with EverPAY.
  • We have surpassed 50 million epochs.
  • Held AMA in Spanish with Meson in our Spanish Conflux community Telegram channel.
  • Our LATAM ambassador Jenni and our Lead Ambassador Jose spoke during a Twitter Spaces session with CryptoEcosystem, the main topic was “Impact through innovation. Blockchain without barriers.”
  • Our ambassadors Jennifer and Alvaro made a speech at the Handshaking diploma course on Decentralized Finance DeFi, the role that Conflux has as blockchain in DeFi.
  • Blockchain Academy Chile held a Bootcamp for blockchain developers where Conflux participated with our developer Miguel Salazar.



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