Monthly Progress Report — July 2023

A look back at our progress for the month of July.

Conflux Network
Conflux Network
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4 min readJul 31


Public Chain

  1. Implemented CIP118 and CIP119 for the subsequent hardfork.
  2. Released testnet node version v2.3.0–3-testnet to test the hardfork.
  3. Fixed additional performance-related issues.
  4. Completed cross-chain-related work.


  1. js-conflux-SDK added support for newly added RPC methods.
  2. Conflux-contracts added a new method, getAvailablePoints.
  3. Prepared documentation for Hardfork 2.3.0.


  1. Optimized the query for historical CFX balance via full-state RPC.
  2. Supported the addition of name tags for EOA addresses in a centralized way.
  3. Enhanced the open API to allow clients to suppress NFT metadata errors.


  1. Supported the latest RPCs on the testnet.


  1. Optimized the query for historical CFX balance via full state RPC.
  2. Supported the addition of name tags for EOA addresses in a centralized way.
  3. Enhanced the open API to allow clients to suppress NFT metadata errors.

MAP Cross Chain

  1. Optimized the gas cost of the light node contract via assembly.
  2. Became compatible with the MAP protocol interface.
  3. Added support to verify the aggregated signature.


  1. New documentation was released at
  • World Mobile and Conflux Network had reached a strategic partnership to boost blockchain-based mobile access and transcend connectivity barriers in Asia and Africa.
  • Conflux and Zokyo had partnered to advance Web3 and make it more secure for users and developers.
  • OpenBuild and Conflux Network collaborated to shape the future of learning and development for builders.
  • Dypius and Conflux had joined forces to revolutionize the metaverse experience, creating an exclusive Conflux area in the World of Dypians.
  • From May 26th to August 26th, the “STYLEVERSE Metaverse Project” hosted a captivating digital exhibition that provided visitors with an immersive experience. More than 80% of the exhibits seamlessly incorporated digital assets alongside physical goods, with Conflux offering on-chain verification services.
  • The highly acclaimed “Van Gogh Alive” digital immersive exhibition is currently taking place at the Shanghai World Expo Museum from April 29th to September 10th. This attraction has already welcomed over 10,000 visitors. As an exclusive feature, visitors had the opportunity to obtain a limited NFT named “ZeBao·Starry Sky” minted on Conflux by purchasing the “ZeBao” figurine.
  • In July, the Jin Jiang Hotel in Shanghai made headlines by introducing its first-ever NFT minted on Conflux. This NFT grants holders a range of VIP perks, such as complimentary rooms, room upgrades, breakfast vouchers, and more.
  • Chris, our Global Expansion Lead, was invited to World Mobile’s July Community Update Townhall, where he shared Conflux Network’s vision and discussed our most recent partnership.
  • Carry Protocol had invited guests from Conflux, Swappi, dForce, and Nucleon for an ecosystem Twitter Space to discuss everything surrounding Conflux and its ecosystem.
  • Crypto Samurai had been invited to multiple regional Conflux communities for AMAs to share their latest progress updates with the community.
  • Our Russian community hosted the Community Manager and Senior Business Development representative from OKX for an AMA session on Telegram, further fostering our ties and collaboration.
  • Binance Ukraine recently hosted our Ukrainian Community Manager for an AMA session in their community, a step forward in our ongoing collaborative engagements.

PR & Offline Events

  • Chris, our Ecosystem Expansion Lead, was an honored speaker at Vietnam Blockchain Week.
  • We had the opportunity to participate in the ‘Web3 Wonders’ hands-on workshop organized by Learn Web3. This insightful event guided participants through the fundamentals of development within the Conflux Network ecosystem.
  • It was a pleasure for us to co-host an event at NFT Show Europe in Valencia, together with our partners Swappi, Goledo, Nucleon, Port3 Network, and NFT Play. The event centered around the vibrant and innovative NFT ecosystem.



Conflux Network
Conflux Network

Conflux is a PoW + PoS hybrid first layer consensus blockchain for dApps that require speed at scale, without sacrificing decentralization.