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Monthly Progress Report — June 2022

Public Chain

  • Tested and released node version v2.0.2.
  • Completed the test and optimization for the whole-history state storage.
  • Completed the implementation of on-chain parameter DAO votes.
  • Finished other hard fork features and prepared related tests.
  • Completed other decentralized storage-related work.


  • Added Java-SDK support for Internal Contract PoSRegister, CrossSpaceCall.
  • Added signer module for web3go SDK, support abigen.
  • Optimized cfx_call field.
  • Added contract verify function to the hardhat-conflux plugin.


  • Added user profile support including address tag and transaction private notes.
  • Added new charts for PoS and cross-space operations.
  • Published contract verification open API for core space.
  • Added support for diagnosing pending transactions.
  • Improved the statistics for daily active users.


  • Added Address Book support.
  • Ledger in ETH / eSpace support.
  • Removing added tokens support.


  • Published Confura v3.0 to improve the system scalability and query performance.
  • Support added for auto-migrate event logs of big contracts to separate partitioned tables.
  • Optimized system metrics, logging, and rate limits via middleware.
  • Optimized system metrics and improved the system monitor.
  • Collaborated with everPay to open up the Arweave ecosystem. More activities and events to follow in July.
  • BoringDAO has integrated Conflux into their oPortal Bridge enabling Conflux native assets to freely transfer between fourteen other L1s and L2s — including Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche — in a fast and secure way. We also hosted an AMA with BoringDAO on our English Telegram channel.
  • AnyWeb Wallet launched on Conflux. As an infrastructure, they provide decentralized storage and gateway services to AnyWeb’s
    NFT platform integrators.
  • Conflux CTO Ming was invited to an AMA by Bitmart in their Global and Asian communities to introduce Conflux Network in line with the recent listing on Bitmart Global.
  • Crypto Tech Night in China organized a fireside chat with Keystone Wallet’s CEO Luxin about hardware wallets, keeping your assets safe, and learning about the latest innovations Keystone wallet brings to the industry.
  • Crypto Tech Night in China hosted its first Let’s Talk session on Twitter Space with Chinese industry leaders to share about the recent downfall due to stETH, Celcius and 3AC.
  • Released our CFX quarterly report. You can view it here:
  • Launched the official Conflux Grants Twitter account to help bring more exposure to our growing ecosystem.
  • Announced Developer Ambassador program to foster an active community of developers in Conflux. Hosted an AMA with our Devs Peter and Miguel to give our community an overview of the program and let them know how they can apply. The program is open globally.



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