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Monthly Progress Report — March 2022

Public Chain

  • Improved Ethereum RPCs.
  • Improved node operation.
  • Processed and fixed reported node-related issues.
  • Conflux v2.0.1 tested and released.
  • Studied and discussed topics about on-chain parameter voting and decentralized storage.


  • Completed integration with Mask plugin in eSpace.
  • Released newest conflux-rust docker image.
  • Developed tx pending reason check tool.
  • Developed eSpace faucet.
  • Finished CFX and ETH OPEN-RPC doc.


  • Added support for NFT assets, event logs and transaction traces in eSpace.
  • Added pocket info for CFX transfer records support.
  • Verification of beacon proxy contract support added.
  • Published NFT related open APIs.


  • Configured archive node to query historical pruned event logs.
  • Added node manager in eSpace for load balance and health monitor support.
  • Optimized data synchronization performance in catch up phase.
  • Improved scalability for event logs (under development).


  • Released v1.5.0, supporting account name search.
  • Added Firefox support.
  • Developed transaction speed-up/cancel.
  • Developed multi-chain.
  • Removed ConfluxPortal compatibility from v1.6.0.
  • Conflux has joined forces with Multichain to launch Co-Mint bridge. With Co-Mint’s framework, various cross-chain bridges will be able to mint/burn in the same asset contract to avoid naming collision and liquidity fragmentation.
  • Celer’s cBridge has successfully implemented bridging support for Conflux eSpace. Users can now bridge USDT, USDC, DAI, ETH, and WBTC between Ethereum and Conflux in a fast, secure and low-cost fashion.
  • Meson has officially launched on Conflux eSpace, offering a lightning-fast stablecoins swap between Conflux and other high-performance chains with amazingly low fees.
  • KuCoin has integrated with Conflux eSpace and has listed CFX on their exchange.
  • MetaLandscape entered into a partnership with Tuike Home to build its metaverse headquarters.
  • MetaLandscape and MultiverseDAO, the world’s first Decentraland scaling platform, have entered into a strategic partnership to build metaverse digital ecology.
  • Conflux Lab & ChainIDE have teamed up for the Hydra Developer Bootcamp in Africa starting from April 2nd 2022.
  • MetaLandscape together with ConfluxDao, MetaEstate, MetaCat, BCA, Ponlaii Design, SeeDao, and MultiverseDAO launched “Lantern Bearer #1” — a metaverse building competition. A total of 43 teams have registered so far.
  • MetaLandscape was featured in “Virtual Architects Sculpting Digital Utopia” in Ta Kung Pao.
  • Our Core Developer Peter was invited for an AMA with the CryptoPlayers community in India.
  • Crypto Tech Night China #12 has launched on March 24th with both Tencent meeting and Twitter space. The topic for #12 is Web3: Gen Z’s Social Network.
  • Crypto Tech Night Africa #2 has launched on March 25th on Twitter Spaces. The topic for CTN Africa #2 is Price Oracles in Defi.
  • Conflux’s Persian community launched the Nowruz celebration event on March 20th that will last until April 2nd.
  • Conflux Global team hosted a Twitter Spaces session with Geoff Le Fevre. Geoff provided an overview of the grants program and also went through the latest program updates. Listen here.
  • Conflux LATAM hosted a Conflux 2.0 AMA with our Spanish Telegram community.
  • Participated in Hack Por la Paz gaming/dev workshop on NFT standards, eSpace and more.
  • Conflux LATAM sponsored E-sports Latam friendly women’s competition.
  • Took part in Sharous Pixie LATAM Influencer livestream on Conflux 2.0.
  • Conflux LATAM participated in a Conflux HYDRA Update Twitter Spaces event with Blockchain Academy Chile, as well as, took part in LATAM Cripto Ecosystem Twitter Spaces.



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