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Monthly Progress Report — May 2022


  • Conflux Network computing power ≈ 1.3t
  • Token transfer TPS ≈ 340
  • # of transactions on May 31st was 249k
  • 98.874k new accounts added
  • 30 new contracts were added in the past two days.
  • PoS has a total locked position of 109.77m
  • A total number of 158 nodes
  • 16.3% APY (theoretical calculation)
  • Cumulative interest of 3.08m

Public Chain

  • Finished implementing the whole-history state storage and started testing.
  • Optimized the implementation of on-chain parameter voting.
  • Fixed RPC and node synchronization issues.
  • Optimized node running performance.


  • Developed a hardhat-conflux plugin, which enables developers to use hardhat develop contract on Conflux Core Space.
  • Java-SDK released v1.2.0; added support to ERC721 and ERC1155.
  • Optimized Go-SDK middleware.


  • Addded etherscan support, compatible open API.
  • Optimized UI components for all charts.
  • Supported amount property for ERC1155 contract.
  • Supported IPFS gateway configuration.
  • Developed statistics-related API for PoS and cross space.


  • Isolated archive nodes for heavy RPCs.
  • Added rate limit support for RPCs.
  • Supported memory cache for high QPS RPCs.
  • Completed development of store v2 for better scalability and performance.


  • Released version 2.1.0 with support for multichains, as well as, Metamask absorption has been released.
  • Some improvements and issues fixed.
  • Conflux Foundation conducted the first airdrop to all PoS staked CFX holders based on the liquidity provided by the eSpace Liquidity Incentive Program for Swappi DEX. A total of 100 million was reached with all PoS pools.
  • Transit Swap, a one-stop swap aggregator that finds best rates for your decentralized trades by tapping into the most popular DEXes deployed on eSpace.
  • Fox Wallet now supports eSpace.
  •, a DEX data aggregator has integrated Conflux eSpace and SwappiDEX to provide users with a professional trading and portfolio dashboard on their multi-chain journey.
  • Kucoin started a CFX Net-Purchase activity with the title “Become A Liquidity Provider: Conflux Offers You 350,000 CFX Rewards!”
  • Conflux teamed up with Swappi and Multichain for a Dual Mining event that ran from May 6th to 20th with $8000 in prizes.
  • Hosted an AMA in our English Telegram channel with ecosystem project Galaxy Blitz, a play-to-earn NFT strategy game.
  • Hosted first Twitter Spaces AMA with the team from Swappi DEX.
  • DeFi en Español hosted a Twitter Spaces event with Conflux LATAM and Swappi.
  • Latam BitcoinPizzaDay Metaverse meetup organized by Isaac, our LATAM ambassador, Conflux eSpace and Swappi presentation.
  • Crypto LATAM community Ubikalo hosted a Telegram AMA with Tony from Conflux and Jose from Swappi.
  • Conflux was promoted on all weekly Metaverse shows hosted by our LATAM Ambassadors Jeniffer and Isaac for the Spanish speaking crypto community.

Media Coverage

  • Conflux is one of the preferred distribution chains in Huayang Lianzhong’s “2022 Brand Digital Collection Impact List”.
  • China Youth Daily and Shanghai Tree-graph Research Institute reached a strategic cooperation. TaoPai and the Institute will be the exclusive support unit of the national project “Youthverse’s” NFTs and blockchain technology, and will build a youth digital culture position with China Youth Daily.
  • The paper submitted by Shanghai Tree-graph Research Institute won the 2022 IEEE-ICBC Distinguished Papers Award.



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Conflux Network

Conflux Network


Conflux is a PoW + PoS hybrid first layer consensus blockchain for dApps that require speed at scale, without sacrificing decentralization.