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Monthly Progress Report — September 2022

A look back at our progress for the month of September.

Public Chain

  • Implemented CIP105.
  • Release Mainnet version (v2.1.0) for the upcoming hardfork.
  • Add more RPC supports for eSpace.
  • Fix some eSpace RPC compatibility issues.
  • Decentralized storage related work.


  • Python SDK complete the first version of rewrite, provide better use experience
  • Java SDK add private key signer
  • Go SDK websocket provider add auto reconnect feature
  • Prepare documentation for hardfork


  • Supported to cache NFT metadata to resolve IPFS gateway accessibility issue.
  • Fixed memory leak issue for contract verification, and supported emoji characters.
  • Fixed data inconsistency issue for some data statistics.
  • Optimized error messages to diagnose on web page.


  • Supported pub/sub RPC on eSpace testnet.
  • Enhanced rate limiter for wallet, e.g. Fluent.
  • Optimized WebSocket heartbeat to resolve abnormal termination issue.
  • Announced a partnership with HTR Group, a digital communications agency focused on South East Asia.
  • DWF Labs announced a secondary market investment into Conflux. DWF Labs is a leading global digital asset market maker and multi-stage Web3 investment firm.
  • KPMG & HSBC named Conflux as one of Asia’s leading blockchain projects! We were one of five blockchain startups to make it onto the report’s top 100 startups list alongside Hyperchain Technology, Stader Labs, Maicoin, and Catheon Gaming.
  • We attended a few events in NYC including Mainnet, a summit held annually by Messari. We also teamed up with ApeMiner, FilSwan and Startup with Chainlink to co-organize NFT & MetaFi Storage Night NYC Yacht Party! Our team members Iryna, Camilla, and our ambassador GLM attended the event.

    The event brought together NFT and Web3 enthusiasts for an evening that included an NFT gallery, several short keynotes, a round table discussion, as well as a cocktail party.
A few photos from the NFT & MetaFi Storage Night NYC Yacht Party in NYC.
  • Our CTO Ming was a part of Garden Planet Fest’s AMA where they discussed new opportunities under ETH 2.0.
  • Hosted a Twitter Space with our team members from China which included Christian, our Global Expansion Manager, to discuss what the Web3 and NFT landscape in China really looks like.
  • Christian, our Global Expansion Manager joined NEST Protocol’s roundtable on how to deal with the risks in bearish market.
  • BitMart hosted an AMA with Conflux LATAM.
  • Our French ambassador Jerome was a guest during an AMA with CoinEx’s French community.



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