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Oceanus — Phase 2 Is Live!

Celebrating Conflux’s 2nd anniversary with the launch of Oceanus, phase 2, in our mainnet rollout.

We’re excited to announce the launch of the second phase, Oceanus, in our mainnet rollout! After a successful first phase, Pontus, our second phase, Oceanus, kicked off on July 18th, to commemorate with Conflux Network’s 2nd anniversary!

Before we get into more detail about Oceanus, here is a recap of what was achieved in Pontus and what we plan to achieve in Oceanus:

Pontus (Have achieved):

  • 10 Mining Campaigns with up to 100 people each and a total of 44 Trustnodes generated by the community
  • DEX Ecosystem launched
  • 7 Asset (BTC, USDT, ETH, DAI, COMP, DF, KNC) mapped onto DEX ecosystem, of which 3 (BTC, USDT, ETH) are tradable on the MoonDEX
  • Est. 150,000 USD worth of Assets on the Conflux DEX ecosystem
  • Est. 3,000 users on the Conflux DEX ecosystem
  • Many partnerships announced(ICON, Fliqpay, DeFiner, Lissx, MovieBloc, ZIP)
  • 10 + DeFi Webinars in China
  • Sponsored Virtual event BlockDown
  • Conflux Pioneers launched in China, Korea and Vietnam. Korea still on-going
  • Launched the Technical community DAO and 10+ projects have been chosen by them to be developed on Conflux
  • Community Developer Tutorials organized by Community in China

Oceanus (Upcoming/ To be expected):

  • New Conflux Pioneers initiatives in China, Korea, Africa
  • New and larger scaled mining campaigns throughout Oceanus
  • Grants Program Launched
  • New DeFi products and features will be launched
  • Conflux Network will be attending and hosting both online and offline events in all regions they are in
  • New partnerships
  • More developer engagement world-wide through community lead webinars, courses
  • Developer events
  • Expanding the number of cross-chain assets and total amount of assets on Conflux

In phase two, we’ll be focusing on mining and the PoW algorithm. In the first half of the phase, we will organize several mining campaigns, from mid-scale (hundreds of participants) to large-scale (thousands of participants), to further verify the stability of the network.

Up to this point, the mining algorithm we use will still be SHA256. Although the coins mined from this period of time are not official CFX, Conflux Foundation has allocated a generous budget for these campaigns to encourage more participants to contribute to the network computing power and security.

In the second half of the phase, once we are sure of network security, network stability, and sufficient network contributors, we will migrate to the official Conflux PoW mining algorithm.

In pace with the raising of computing power and network security, we expect to see more mainstream assets, like BTC and ETH, to be accumulated on-chain from MoonDex and from the Conflux ShuttleFlow. The Conflux ShuttleFlow itself will kick off the integration with the Bitpie wallet as the first Instant Exchange wallet on Conflux.

During Phase Oceanus, we will be focusing on an all-around pilot run around the mining algorithm, DApps, Dex, and other DeFi products with our ecosystem partners. The network features and functions will be gradually released to the community in order to increase the level of decentralization while maintaining high-levels of system security and performance throughout the network. This will ensure that the team’s focus and attention will not be affected too much by the secondary market fluctuation.

For the Phase Oceanus, we call out for all Conflux community members to participate in our mining activities, as well as, our existing and potential ecosystem partners, especially DeFi teams, to join us to start the product design and development.

To discuss Conflux Network and join our community, visit our official channels:

Twitter | Discord | Telegram | GitHub

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