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Shanghai Research Institute Kicks Off International Blockchain Standards Conference

August 27, 2021 20:14 | Source: People’s Daily Online-Shanghai Channel

Conflux Tree-Graph Public Blockchain Research Institute, developed in collaboration with the government of Shanghai, hosted the launch of the IEEE P3217 conference today.

The IEEE P3217 “Blockchain System Application Interface Specification” will define and standardize the interface between the blockchain layer and the application layer. The main focus will include defining the API interface set, standardizing the coding transmission of the API interface format and request response rules, specifying the technical requirements for intrusion prevention, malicious code protection, trusted execution of programs, data integrity, data confidentiality, access control, security policies, and management systems.

Standardizing the interaction mode between blockchain applications and the blockchain consensus system will ideally free application developers from the details of the underlying consensus system, thereby greatly improving cross-platform development, deployment, operation, maintenance and efficiency of chain applications.

Dr. Fan Long, founder of Conflux Network

Conflux founder Dr. Fan Long, Dean of Shanghai Shutu Blockchain Research Institute and professor at the University of Toronto, led with opening remarks, commenting that actively participating in the international blockchain standards work is the responsibility of China’s blockchain industry, as a leader in the global advancement of blockchain technology, and an important means of continuing international innovation and collaboration.

Li Ming, Chairman of the IEEE Computer Society Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Standards Committee, commented that the establishment of the IEEE P3217 interface specification is very timely and will greatly support the promotion of large-scale industrial applications of blockchain technology. “Currently, the blockchain is developing from key technology research to large-scale application practice. The link between the underlying blockchain platform and the application layer is particularly important.”

Strengthening the research on blockchain standardization and formulating international blockchain standards, especially the “Blockchain System Application Interface Specification” is applicable to a wide range of underlying technical standards, and can only enhance international discourse.




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