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Issue 28 // July 9–15

A weekly update of what Congressman Lou Correa is doing for the people of California’s 46th District. For daily updates make sure to check our Facebook and Twitter feed. Newsletter subscription is here.

This week Congressman Correa:

Met with Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kelly

  • On Wednesday, I joined my Congressional Hispanic Caucus colleagues for our second meeting with DHS Sec. Kelly. I learned the vital need for a legislative solution to protect DACA recipients.

Received a response from Sec. Shulkin on VA Veteran Medical Marijuana usage policy.

  • Sec. Shulkin responded to my letter inquiring on whether veterans who legally use medical marijuana are at risk of losing their benefits. Quick answer: they aren’t. Read more here.

Introduced a resolution honoring Vietnamese Americans

  • On Friday, I introduced a resolution acknowledging the accomplishments and contributions of Vietnamese Americans. Read it here.

My two cybersecurity amendments to the National Defense bill passed the House

  • Two of my cybersecurity amendments passed the House. Both of these amendments will strengthen our national security and protect our networks and data from foreign cyber-attacks. Read more here.

Met a dog

  • In a fun turn of events, I spent some time with a 2 year old Great Dane. She was visiting DC to thank me for my role in preventing the VA from conducting medical experiments on dogs.

Legislative Update:

Updating the GI Bill

  • On Thursday, I joined my colleagues to introduce a new GI Bill that will allow more veterans take advantage of higher education opportunities after their service. Read about the bill here.

Vietnamese Resolution

  • I introduced a resolution acknowledging the contributions and accomplishments of Vietnamese Americans. They are an integral part of our society and I am proud to represent them. See more here.

NDAA Cyber Security Amendments Passed The House

  • Two of my amendments passed. The first requires the Defense secretary to provide Congress with a report on all cyberattacks against DoD systems within 24 months perpetrated by the Russian government. The second amendment requires the Pentagon to develop a strategy for using offensive cyber security and to provide technical assistance to NATO members to deter Russian aggression.

Great stories from the week:

The Hill // House votes to require Pentagon to report Russian cyberattacks

“My amendments are about creating the procedures necessary to keep our infrastructure, our networks, and our data safe from our adversaries,” Correa said.

LA Times // L.A.’s new Democratic congressman has been in the majority his whole career. Now he’s going to Washington

“It’s going from being a big fish in a little bowl to being a little fish in a big pond,” Correa said.

Top Social Media

He left Mexico at age 15, but after spending 28 years in the United States small business owner and coffee farmer Andres Magana Ortiz said goodbye to his wife and his three children as he prepared to be #deported. He is a taxpayer, a business owner, and has spent the last three decades out of the shadows working to obtain legal citizenship. Andres Magana Ortiz is why we need comprehensive immigration reform.

I had a great meeting with the Orange County Business Council. Watch the video here.


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