Mnémé System

Mnémé System is digital asset management software as service, tailored to the specific needs of small-mid sized audio-visual archives and collections.

The software is providing the following features:

  • Audiovisual collection web catalogue with public access
  • Responsive interface
  • Database structure based on FIAF and CEN EN 15744 international film cataloging regulations
  • Filmography database management
  • Archive stock data management
  • Media asset management and publication (video, photo, scanned documents)
  • Database, photo and scanned document hosting
  • Access management of digital video assets (unlimited/restricted access option of each video asset)
  • Library data integration — data retrieval from national OPAC systems

The team of Mnémé System providing assistant services, such as:

  • Project analysis
  • System configuration and server setup
  • Developing methodology for asset management
  • Data integration and database design
  • Visual design
  • Research
  • Training

In partnership with Connect Archives Initiative (CAI)

Mnémé System is in strategic partnership with CAI to subserve the information technology needs of the Initiative. The participation in the CAI is a non-profit activity of Mnémé System and its based on the mutual benefit of both parties.

Mnémé System hosts CAI members’ online catalogues and facilitates their initial database development. Beyond Mnémé System’s social commitments of enhancing public accessibility to valuable cultural heritage, the collaboration with CAI provides an ideal testing and development environment to adapt the product, based on real clients’ needs. In an iterative product development process, the resulted features of this collaboration will be ultimately implemented in Mnémé System as offered services.

By extending the existing partnership, Mnémé System in cooperation with the CA Initiative will propose a digital collection development related topics for higher education institutes and industry experts to elaborate new R&D projects.

Research and Development plans in cooperation between SCENESOR project and Mnémé System

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