Research and Development plans in cooperation between SCENESOR project and Mnémé System

Open Data/ Digital distribution / HUB page

Open Access and linked data

As part of cultural context widening mission, SCENESOR project aims to provide open access to the managed filmography and documents metadata. Providing data reuse access can extend the dissemination of the preserved cultural heritage and offer new interpretation opportunities for third party developers. The project is also interested in collaboration with ‘maker’ communities where the managed data could be reused for application development to engage young generation.

Linked Open Data format implementation can help member collections of dynamic metadata enrichment and also mitigate the growing digital workload at their institutions. Dynamic data exchange with open knowledge bases like Wikimedia Movement operated databases can produce significant value regarding data discovery and enrichment. Providing data towards Europeana is also an objective of the data dissemination plans.

The details of a proposed open data strategy will be developed in the frame of an R&D project under SCENESOR project. Possible concerns regarding data accessibility and copyright concerns will be taken into account in the process of formulating a data policy recommendation. Mnémé System will implement the technical conditions of the agreed strategy.

Video on Demand (VoD) and digital cinema distribution

Mnémé System’s goal is to develop enhanced digital asset management and VoD features in correlation with a cloud media server setup. Beyond the current viewing station assignment feature with extended user account and right management capabilities, members will be able to provide unrestricted access to their copyrighted video assets for educational and cultural purposes on demand.

Establishing the technical conditions of digital cinema distribution will be also investigated by Mnémé System team including the investigation of monetization potentials to help establish a sustainable model for the project.

HUB page concept development

SCENESOR’s purpose is to combine the information resources of the participating archives to create a contextually rich environment in which the preserved audiovisual heritage, relevant documents and supporting material can be delivered in an innovative way to new audiences. SCENESOR aims to establish a HUB page with social network tools intended for professionals (e.g. curators, archivists, programmers, academic researchers, educators), providing a space for exchanging ideas and networking with the mutual goals of possible cooperations (e.g. joint programmes, screenings, exhibitions, research, social practices). Besides professional networking SCENESOR HUB will establish a set a concept and of Web 2.0 based public engagement features (creating and sharing playlists and recommendations, linking to cinema screenings of archive films, delivering film content for social practices and communities, social tagging, inclusion of user-generated content. The HUB page will also work as a combined search engine to list items from the member’s collections.

Audience and researchers will have the ability to contribute with their knowledge and information to enrich the managed collections via the HUB page. SCENESOR is planning to implement crowdsourcing features innovatively in a correlation of community development aims of the project.

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