Commuter Impacts Analysis

Noah Kahan
Apr 6, 2018 · 3 min read
Connecticut Data Collaborative Commuting Statistics,{%22Town%22:%20%22Connecticut%22,%20%22Variable%22:%20%22Mode%20of%20Commuting%22,%20%22Measure%20Type%22:%20[%22Percent%22,%20%22Number%22],%20%22Mode%22:%20[%22Carpooled%22,%20%22Drove%20Alone%22,%20%22Public%20Transportation%22],%20%22Year%22:%20%222010-2014%22}

As seen from the chart, a majority of people commuting to and out of Middletown commute by car and the same is said for the state of Connecticut, where around 79% of all commuters commute by car.

Even though these statistics are aggregated between 2010–2014, the Connecticut Data Collaborative considers these numbers to be comparable with today’s statistics. It is evident from the data, that Middletown, Hartford and Meriden have a majority of people commuting by car. Hartford’s public transportation numbers are higher than the rest because of the city’s CT Transit bus hub and the addition of CTFastrak. The people commuting via public transportation in Middletown is very low at 2.75%. Considering 79% of people in the state of Connecticut commute by car and around 79% of people in Middletown commute by car, it is hard to see that changing anytime soon unless there is a change in how the state approaches and invests in transportation infrastructure. The addition of the M-Link route will give people living in Middletown the option to use public transportation instead of driving.

The commuting data here shows that there is the potential for many people to utilize the M-Link, despite the car-heavy commuting usage. It is fair to assume though that the use of a car to commute is imperative because there have been no other robust commuting options for Middletown and Meriden residents. The goal of this proposal is to give people options. The graphs on the next page will show where commuters are going to/from Middletown and Meriden respectively.

Commuting Numbers for Middletown

The two graphs above show the aggregate number of people commuting to and from Middletown between during 2014 and 2015. Meriden has the highest amount of commuters coming from Middletown and Hartford has highest number of commuters going to Middletown. Considering both Hartford and Meriden are stops on the new rail line, this could be a good opportunity to leverage.

The commuting maps show worker movement commuting to and from Middletown. The darker the color, the more people are commuting to and from that area.

Movement Maps

Commuting Numbers for Meriden

The commuting maps show worker movement commuting to and from Meriden. The darker the color, the more people are commuting to and from that area.

Movement Maps

Connect Middletown

The program to revitalize a public transit district in…

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