What does a Director of Engineering do?

Dan DeMeyere
Mar 12, 2015 · 10 min read


While there are a number of things I’m responsible for, there are two things that take higher priority than everything else.


The majority of my time each week is spent on management, project planning, and project management, which are intertwined responsibilities for me.

A scrubbed example of the document I maintain to track our engineering efforts


I’ve found that hiring engineers in San Francisco is a very humbling endeavor. Performing countless phone screens followed by scheduling multi-hour interview loops that eat away at engineering throughput that more often than not results in dead ends can be very disheartening.

Being an Engineering Leader

Any engineering leadership activity I perform falls into one of two camps.


Being an engineering leader can be difficult. The hardest decisions and biggest messes always fall on your plate. It’s not a “check in at 9 and check out at 5” kind of job. It’s a “work until all the obstacles are removed for the teams” kind of job, which abides to no schedule.

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