Why I work at thredUP

This is my first ever blog post on the Internet. I am just going to express what I feel. I could have written about some technical post to do this and do that. Today, while taking shower something just stuck me about the thing that excites me after my morning starts. It was “going to work at thredup”. This blog post is dedicated to my company “thredup” who I have been working with for a long time.

So, let us get started. Let me start with a one-liner. “thredup keeps me young with each passing day”. How does that sound? I know you guys liked it. The equation is very simple
Hustle + Juggle + Increased Brain efficiency + Working with great people + Speak your mind + Directing energy and enthusiasm towards challenging problems + Great teams

We all hustle in our daily lives. Occasionally working that one hour on a weekend to learn something new or grabbing a phone to check game score while in a conversation. Hustle in thredup is something I love. It gets the energy going around in the company.We have business goals and everyone is thinking outside of the box for solutions to new problems, improving existing workflows to try to accomplish those goals. You can feel that vibe once you enter the office.

Juggle is basically working on some important project but also switching to something that is P0 priority. It can also be when you lend your brain on brainstorming with team members on their problems. Basically make your brain juggle with priorities of tasks in a given project . We all juggle in our daily lives and we get better at it by time. I am able to apply my “Juggling” lessons to work and its works great.

Increase in brain efficiency is all about thinking of any part of the business, even though you are a member of another team. If you have an idea, SpeakUP and people would listen to you. You are constantly thinking about improvements and new ideas to do that will propel your team to take the leap to something fascinating. I know it sounds like Disney fantasy movies but it is true. That reminds me of another health tip on the topic of brain “if brain is efficient and constantly working our overall health is in a good place”.

Working with great people. Every person in the company is smart, intelligent and caring. From engineers to product managers to analysts to creative designers to recruiters and more — if you have talent and passion to just crush it on your job no one will stop you. Every person is encouraged and given a pat on the back when they do something that takes the project to the next level with their sheer dedication and effort.

Personally I am a very enthusiastic and energetic person. I do not do adventure sports like Skiing, Sky diving etc. I just direct that energy or as everyone says adrenaline towards my work and thredup is my adventure where every day I get to learn something new, try something new or think about the next generation architecture or develop something cool.

Each team is a wheel on the thredup bus. I feel like humming the nursery rhyme song “Wheels on the Bus go …” but I will stop. All these wheels go in tandem and take the business forward at thredup.
 Great teams with altruistic leaders are all that makes a difference working for the company. The CEO of the company always keeps the entire team up to date on the company’s numbers, growth and what is coming next. Your talent is rewarded at thredup. Great work does not go unnoticed. Everyone appreciates it. Leaders of the team make sure the members of their team are happy and content with the work they are doing. Critical or Good feedback is given and taken.

We have unique problems to solve and that is what makes it rewarding to work at thredup. I can keep increasing the variables of the equation but I think you all get my point.
 With all these “selfish factors” is why I work at thredup, the largest online consignment and thrift store.