Turn your travel dreams into reality

Stop dreaming and start taking travel seriously

We all have goals and dreams — lose weight, get a promotion, launch a start-up, spend more time with family — and it’s no secret that simply declaring “I want to run a marathon” or “I want to found the next AirBnB” isn’t enough to make your dreams come true. You’ve got to have a plan, you’ve got to be committed and you’ve got to work hard.

But what if your dream is to travel?

Well, you can do what most people do and complain over and over about how they “just want to travel the world!”, but they never actually do anything about it. Or you can start taking your travel goals seriously.

It’s not going to be easy

There are plenty of obstacles standing between you and your dream trip to Istanbul/Hawaii/Thailand/Paris/that place in New Zealand where they filmed the Lord of the Rings — you’ve only got a few vacation days a year, your bank account isn’t bottomless, you’ve got things to do on the weekends — but complaining isn’t going to solve any of these issues. If you’re serious about it, you’ve got to treat your travel goals just like you’d treat any other goal in your life. Plan, commit, work hard.

Ok, great. You’ve decided you’re going to start taking your travel goals seriously. What’s the next step?

Endless studies, reports and Medium articles tell us that if you have goals, the first thing you’ve got to do is to write them down. The second is to get a buddy.

Write ‘em down

It’s been shown that writing your goals down - whether it be a Post-It on your desk or a note in your phone - will vastly increase the odds of you accomplishing that goal. Writing it down means that your goal is no longer this abstract thing in your head - it now exists in real life and is a lot harder to ignore.

Get a buddy

Keeping your goals to yourself means that if you never accomplish them, the only person who cares is yourself. That’s great if you’re planning on never accomplishing your goals. But if you’re ready to take your goals seriously, you need to share them with someone who is going to hold you accountable for them. That way, you’ve got a huge new incentive - if you don’t meet your goals, you’re letting somebody else down too.

Get Serious

Now let’s say your goal is to lose weight and you’re serious about making it happen. You grab a Post-It note, write down “Lose 10 pounds by spring break” and stick it on your refrigerator door. Then you call up your best friend, explain your plan and the two of you commit to going to the gym together 3 times every week. Now, you’re committed. If you skip the gym, you’re not only letting yourself down but also your friend. And every time you walk by the fridge, you’ll be reminded of your goal. There’s no pushing it to the back of your mind anymore.

Now apply the same strategy to your travel goals. Write them down. Share them with your friends.

That’s why n-Weave’s new Wish List feature is so awesome. You can enter your travel bucket list and see which of your friends want to go to the same places as you. Turns out your best friend from high school is dying to see the Northern Lights in Iceland too? Make a pact that the two of you are going to start saving up to finally make the trip next year. Don’t let each other down.

Plan, commit, work hard.

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