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A Failure to Communicate, and How to Fix it!

CONNECT2CRYTPO proposes an intuitive, user centric approach to crypto communication

Tapping your debit card. Earning points. Using coupons.

What do these things have in common? Simplicity. They are value creating actions baked into our everyday life. From a child spending their allowance to a senior getting excited about their Tim card, these activities require minimal physical and mental output, and the benefit is instantly observable.

Satoshi Nakamoto introduced blockchain technology to the world with the Bitcoin whitepaper in 2008. Based on the text etched into the genesis block, many believe that Bitcoin was a response to the abyssal status of the global financial sector. Since those early days, blockchain has experienced a Cambrian explosion of innovation, revolutionizing how we think of things like value, equity and accessibility. Blockchain proposes a world where the billions of unbanked can access financial services, value can travel globally at the speed of the internet, and creators of all kinds can monetize their activities. The promise of blockchain suggests a utopian world of equality and freedom, it’s really quite something when you think about it.

But… because there’s always a but.

Blockchain is not yet easy. To reach the ubiquitous nature of tapping a card or redeeming a coupon, blockchain operations need more time in the hands of more people… and they need to be easy, simple. When we finally hit this point, many people may not even know they are using blockchain.

What’s interesting is that the clunkiness of blockchain solutions is not exclusive to those that are blockchain-based. Popular messaging applications like Telegram and Discord are actively used for crypto communication, from communities to private chats. Telegram’s initial appeal can be attributed to its privacy features and high group capacity, whereas Discord afforded users more features such as channel functionality. These apps have respectively amassed 550 and 150 million monthly active users, but they are not without their downfalls.

Telegram gets very messy very quickly, and there is no shortage of bots and spam accounts. A common attack vector used by scammers, in which they impersonate celebrities, friends, and family and then solicit advice, commonly in the form of “give me money, and I’ll give you more money,” can be found on Telegram. Very little protections exist to protect users from fraud and misrepresentation, and the outcome can get bleak.

Discord is a robust communication platform originally designed for gamers, and introduced a number of features that arguably make it a superior solution to Telegram. That being said, Discord can get very technical, and can be prohibitive to less tech-savvy crypto users.

So… what is one to do? Well, the obvious answer is to create an application that addresses these issues :)

CONNECT2CRYPTO — Beta Coming Soon!

CONNECT2CRYPTO is a next generation communication platform built for the blockchain industry. Developed by Connect2D, a communications and technology company, CONNECT2CRYPTO combines a robust feature set with sleek intuitive design to create a hub for crypto communication, discourse, news and more! With the beta launching on iOS and Android in the coming weeks, you’ll soon be able to dive into our technology and see what the future of crypto communication can look like!

CONNECT2CRYPTO will be attending Collision (Toronto) and Crypto Expo Asia (Singapore) next week! If you plan on attending either of these events, feel free to reach out and connect with us!

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