Connected North Content Provider Spotlight Series: Alaska SeaLife Center

As part of our Connected North Content Provider Spotlight Series, we are delighted to highlight Darin Trobaugh, Education Specialist at the Alaska SeaLife Center.

For the last three years, Darin has been delivering sessions that help to foster ocean literacy and stewardship for K — 12 students across our network. These sessions incorporate up-to-date research and often live animals in a way that allows for students to connect with Alaska’s marine ecosystem in a meaningful way.

Darin begins each session by giving students an opportunity to share what they know about their local ecosystem, often making connections between the students’ environment and the different cultural practices associated with it. Darin uses the information gained to create a meaningful connection and to guide his approach throughout the remainder of the session. His personal desire for discovery is evident and is on full display as he supports students in their attempt to gain a deeper understanding of marine science and the natural phenomenon associated with it.

Each session comes well-equipped with teacher guides, background information and extension activities. This helps to ensure students are prepared and allows teachers to extend student learning with minimal planning. Darin also excels at taking complex concepts and breaking them down into smaller more easily understood chunks of information. His effectiveness as a communicator is often aided by the interesting and informative demonstrations he prepares to help students visualise different concepts.

Whether students are learning about marine animal adaptations, food chains, tectonic theories, volcanoes, or wish to witness a squid dissection or analyze sea lion poop, the Alaska SeaLife Center has a program for all learners. We like to encourage students to sit back and allow Darin and the gentle glow of the aquarium — full of real seals! — to captivate their attention. The unique combination of expertise and fascinating program delivery ensures all our students leave Darin’s sessions with a meaningful learning experience.




This series of blogs and videos highlight some of the top partners who deliver content for the Connected North program. They share their knowledge and why they participate in the program.

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