Connected North Content Provider Spotlight Series: Ricky-Lee Watts

As part of our Connected North Content Provider Spotlight Series, we are excited to highlight Indigenous role model, Ricky-Lee Watts.

Born in Port Alberni BC and of Nuu-chah-nulth ancestry, Ricky-Lee went on to receive a BSc in Psychology at the University of Victoria. Afterwards, he worked in a variety of roles with Indigenous communities, universities, and the BC provincial government. Ricky-Lee is able to run sessions on a variety of topics including finding your potential, mindfulness and values, learning and growing, pursuing your dreams, reflection and balance, embracing identity, empowerment through shared wisdom, online video games and leadership, as well as stories of travel and exploration.

Despite only recently partnering with Connected North, his sessions on Finding Your Potential have gained great traction. Ricky-Lee’s sessions incorporate the telling of his life story where he weaves the lessons he has learned throughout. Reflecting on his own personal background and discussing the ways he persevered and grew from his experiences, his desire is to show students how anyone can overcome the obstacles they are facing. Ricky-Lee’s message is made that much more authentic by his willingness to share pictures and artifacts of his life. By honestly and compassionately revisiting the hardships he faced in his adolescence he creates a safe space where students are able to identify and connect with Ricky-Lee and his message.

Throughout his session, Ricky-Lee works to keep the theme relevant to each individual group he interacts with. He tailors his stories and his main idea to students’ future dreams or hardships they may currently be facing. This level of flexibility allows Ricky-Lee’s foundational message to be shared while also making room for the student’s own experiences.

Ricky-Lee’s zest for life and desire to affect positive change in the world are an inspiration. His stories of overcoming challenges in his life and his overall message of positivity and perseverance are a welcome addition to the Connected North network.




This series of blogs and videos highlight some of the top partners who deliver content for the Connected North program. They share their knowledge and why they participate in the program.

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