Candidate Interview Feedback Framework / Template

Robert Merrill
Apr 5 · 2 min read
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Like many recruiters, I use a standardized interview feedback framework to ensure I get several similar questions answered in each call. This also serves to guide our conversations and keep everyone in the interview on-task: Are you a good fit for this role?

Below, I am publishing my current interview feedback template, which is in Markdown format, perfect to use in Bear Writer (what I use) or your favorite markdown-aware editor (even Google Docs with this add-in, or if Evernote is your thing, check Andrew Chan’s primer here). Fun fact, I started developing this framework style when working with SmartRecruiters ATS, since you can actually write Markdown natively in SR’s Candidate Review editor (Smart move (ahem), Jerome Ternynck… per the norm)

pro-tip: I use TextExpander and the shortcut @@review to populate this whenever I need to write a review :)

Below, find the text of my template. You can also find links here:
- candidate_review_template.html
- candidate_review_template.txt

**Rating:** 1- Strongly Disinclined 2-Disinclined 3-Needs Review 4-Yes-Inclined 5-Strongly Inclined (erase unused options)

**SkillWillFit Overall Score** (average the below scores & round up):
- Skill: 1–5
- Will: 1–5
- Fit : 1–5

#### Provide Overall Assessment/Summary of the Candidate:
*Why do you think they are a fit? Characteristics, traits, skills, etc.*

#### Provide Assessment/Summary of any Concerns:
*What are they lacking or what might be an issue? Again — skill sets missing, culture fit, etc.*

#### Provide Assessment/Summary of Overall Candidate Background:
*Why have they made the changes they’ve made? Job history/progression/gaps in employment, etc.*

— -
## Interview Questions / Raw readout:

#### Why are you looking for something new?
(Why are you potentially looking to leave your current company?)

#### What would the perfect next role look like for you?
(What are you ideally looking for in your next position?, What interests you about this opportunity?,

#### Tell me about your current/recent experience
(Tell me about your current position. What are you responsible for? What does a typical day look like for you?
Can you tell me about a project that you are especially proud of?)

#### Questions specific to the role (knock out questions):
Functional knowledge (example): ask questions about the domain and level of expertise.
Technical background (example): Implementation of our tools, other systems? Full software development life cycle?

#### Do you understand this job and is it exciting to you?
(What is your understanding of this role?)


- Do you know anyone here? Who/m?:
- Timing/Deadlines/Availability/Notice:
Where are you currently in your job search?
- Are you currently speaking with anyone else here? Have you previously interviewed here?:
- Location OK?
- Visa requirements?
- Comp (put in private notes):
- ((If Relevant)) Are you open to travel? If so, how much?


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