Get a Better LinkedIn URL (address)

Photo by Drew Graham on Unsplash

Many people know that LinkedIn is the place to setup your digital profile for companies and recruiters to find you, and where you can find others (if you are in sales or recruiting, etc).

Many do not know that getting a linkedin address that is a little more custom than the default is a simple process and can help you stand out from others, especially if you have a common name.

This little-known option for your Linkedin Profile can help you at least remember your profile address if someone ever asks… and it looks a lot better than that 918739b387348 at the end of your current URL.

Robert Merrill (my name) isn’t popular, but it isn’t unknown either. There’s the door company guy, the athlete, a fantastically more handsome-than-me photographer in LA, and oh yeah, the Baritone.

So, snagging a coveted url on LinkedIn with your name easily recognizable there helps not only people find the right person, but also helps search engines like Google find your profile easier. Mine, for example, is which I was able to customize about 15 years ago. It looks nice on email signatures, resumes or business cards. It looks polished and professional.

So go Customize your LinkedIn Profile Address now. It takes 20 seconds and can help boost your visibility to future contacts, employers, vendors and clients.

And after that, please ditch your my-little-pony themed email address, too.