Google Voice Silently Changes Outbound Calling Settings to VoIP Only

Photo by Seth Doyle on Unsplash

It’s no secret that I use Google Voice for — just about everything I do. Having a google voice number is a great plus for helping me keep my business and my personal life separate, even though I use the same device (my phone) for everything.

However, without any notice, some fairly sweet UI changed seem to have taken place today on Google Voice’s web app, but subtly, the outbound calling feature seemed to just turn off the ability to dial out of Google Voice on the web and have it dial my phone first and then connect me to the candidate/client/person I am trying to call.

Gratefully, it seems there’s a preferences tool in Voice that allows you to turn on a setting to force Voice to call your phone first rather than using the Web to make the call (VOIP).

Strangely, this has eliminated the option to choose web calls vs direct phone calls on a call-by-call basis. It’s too bad you can’t make the decision any longer like you used to.

How to Update your Google Voice Settings to make web calls through your phone:

  1. In the Google Voice web UI, on the left sidebar, go down to the three-vertical dots and tap.

2. Find the “calls” section and enable “Always use my phone to place calls”

3. Save and exit settings.

Google Voice silently changed the behavior for outbound calling overnight