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Sep 27 · 3 min read

Yeah, crazy, right? But I feel impelled to do this. Now.

I need your help. Please consider reading and subscribing/sharing this.

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As a professional recruiter, my job is to help people get jobs. But, as Jason Alba will tell you, if that recruiter doesn’t have a job for you, they can’t magically make one appear.

For 15 years, I have been politely turning people away when they are not selected for a job. It feels like a slow death — always telling people we’re “not considering your application any longer.”

I think I can do more. But I cannot do this by myself or alone.

To do this, I am launching #Careerist: Free Insights and Tips for Jobseekers & Career-Minded Professionals. This is a weekly email newsletter that should be relevant to any professional worker in the world, at any stage of their career.

Issue One comes out this Sunday, and I am SO EXCITED. But I need YOUR help to help me launch this and get it in the hands of people who need this kind of information — jobseekers, friends, colleagues, new grads and displaced workers around the world.

#Careerist is a free, weekly email newsletter that anyone can subscribe to. It will be published on Sundays. I will feature curated content specifically designed both for the career-minded professional, the work-life-balance juggling individual or the new-college grad seeking the mother of all first impressions, their first real job.

Please subscribe and share this link with others so they can join as well. If you are hesitant to share just yet, please subscribe and then forward the newsletter when you get it.

Issue One launches this Sunday with some awesome content right out of the gate such as:

  • 5 Ways to Identify a Toxic Workplace — Before You Accept The Job
  • How Many Hours a Week Should You Work?
  • How to Talk to the Person Who Intimidates You at Work
  • Best Ways Older Workers Can Prepare for a Recession

Please share this post or click this link to subscribe. Please share with friends, colleagues or your favorite new college grad looking for a leg up in the world 🎓. And please, let me know how to help.

Go here to subscribe to this newsletter (or send this link to a colleague)

If you like, use this short-link to spread the word:

Thank you! And, for sharing, one million people may someday thank you!

Robert Merrill

P.S. I am using Revue to host this. A secure, trusted emailing platform that I can leverage. I will have to pay for the list after a certain number of subscribers have joined, but I hope to incur those costs myself or, at most, offset costs with sponsorships. But the goal is to make this information freely available for everyone and subscriber information will never be sold, shared or otherwise abused. I hate and loathe spam.

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Robert Merrill is the founder and principal consultant of ConnectedWell Talent Advisors, a people-first talent consultancy driven to help business owners and people-leaders solve their most-pressing people-related problems in lasting, effective ways.

Got newsletter tips or hints or you want to talk? Share them to newsletter-tips [at] or @me on Twitter, LinkedIn or Medium. I read every suggestion


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