The Truth About Aging in the Tech Industry
Angela DeLillio Galper

I am glad I try to work with companies that have a healthy variation of smart people from all demographics.

Here’s what I would love to see — a startup made up of older (ahem, “seasoned”) engineers and devs who got sidelined by the ubers, amazons and the facebooks of the world do something amazing because they want to do something amazing and they CAN do amazing things because they HAVE done amazing things — for 30 years+.

Someone said you need a hacker, a hustler and a designer to start a company. Go! Its the age of the sidehustle. Those thirtysomethings and the time they have to spend with their one overlyprotected child and their overpriced landrover payments have nothing on older workers with independent families (if at all) and more access to independently available time AND capital.